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Bleeding for no reason?

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I had uterine cancer in October 2010. Full hysterectomy and no followup treatments as the cancer had not spread. Wasn't really given a "stage" but after looking on the internet I would say it was 1B and Grade 2.
In May of this year I wiped and found blood. It stopped and I dug my head in the sand and decided to tell no one. It happened again in July and I went to the Oncologist. He did a swab and it came back clear. It happened again in August - he redid the swab and again it came back clear. It happened again last week. I saw the Oncologist today and he is totally stumped. He examined me and said everything looks perfectly fine.
He finally agreed to send me for an ultrasound... but he really has no idea what is happening.
The bleeding lasts for a very short time, the blood is bright red and it goes away - and doesn't happen again for 2 or 3 months.
Has anyone had this happen?
I have noticed my urine is brown at times - and he says that would be blood. He is concerned - but stumped.
The only other thing strange is it hurts to sneeze or cough. I am quite overweight so I usually just ignore symptoms and chalk them up to being overweight - but something doesn't feel right.
I know no one is a doctor on here - but if you have any insight (good or bad) it would be great to even give him some help - seeing I had to insist on the ultrasound... he was going to "wait and see if it happens again" and I said no... we have tried that.
It's hard being a doctor AND a patient! He is supposedly one of the best here in Toronto and I think he is... but he is starting to freak me out by not knowing what to do next!


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Sounds very strange, but can tell you what happened to me which is much less severe. I've been NED for 2 years and this past August woke up and went to bathroom right away. Wiped and noticed some light pink/red streaks of blood. Naturally I freaked out and was very concerned. The next hour that I went to bathroom, nothing...as continued on thruout the day. Decided to make an appt with my Oncologist as was due for my 6 month checkup at end of the month. He did a physical exam and did a PAP. Didn't see anything but told me if anything was wrong it surely would show up on PAP. All was negative.

Doc thought it could have been some scar tissue releasing or from the rectal area (have hemorrhoids due to child birth). To this day, nothing showing up. Who knows what it truly was...just guessing at this point.

If I were in your shoes, even though you claim to have the best doc in Toronto, get a second opinion. It's your life and you have every option before you, but you must pull the plug. Seeing that much blood would definitely be a concern to me as well.

Wish you the best...plse keep us posted!!


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I would definitely get a second opinion just for peace of mind. You have an insight that something is wrong. I went for a year and a half feeling something was wrong and went to the doctors and had some tests (not the right ones) and after having a hysterectomy for endometriosis, after path came back was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma.

I am surprised that they didn't really give you a stage or grade. Even though after my staging they found nothing, I was still given the option to either wait and see or take chemo. I did take the chemo.

You should at least have someone check your bladder. It could be a UTI but just to make sure. A second opinion can't hurt.

My best to you.


P.S. I had one of the best doctor's in my area too, but ended up going to another surgeon because it just didn't "feel" right.

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They did tell me it was grade 2. He said there was "no invasion of the muscle" so I am guessing stage 1.
Canadian healthcare is very difficult to get to see a doctor - let alone a second opinion! It is wonderful in that no matter what comes my way I will never have to pay a dime - BUT - I get little or no choice in doctor, hospital or what tests are done, etc.
This doc refuses to do a CA 125 -- says it is not a reliable marker. Won't do a CT scan or MRI -- that would take months anyway.
I will keep you posted. Thanks

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Don't know if this might help but I do understand what you mean about national healthcare systems, as I live in the UK. Our National Health Service is wonderful and we don't have to pay, but it does limit your choices of doctor etc. and it can be pretty slow sometimes.

However, I did find a way of "short circuiting" the system over here. I paid to see a gyn/onc privately (he does both private and national health work) to get as far as a diagnosis. Then, when he diagnosed possible cancer, he put me on his national health list (so it's free) and because of the "possible cancer" diagnosis, I went to the top of the list (there are strict rules for cancer diagnoses and timing of treatment over here). So, by paying for the initial private consultations, ultrasound etc., I was able to get to the top of the national health list a bit quicker.

Now I know that some people might say that it's not fair that if you have money you can do these things, whereas someone without it cannot. And I sympathise that it isn't an even playing field for everyone. But I figure I have worked hard for the money I have and I have chosen to save it for just this type of thing, rather than big holidays, new cars etc etc, so it's my choice to use it in this way.

I don't know if you are able to do anything like this to speed things up a bit, but I thought it worth mentioning in case it's helpful.
Wishing you well

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