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Chemo Fever

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Good evening y'all,

I am close to the end of FOLFOX round 2 and I have started to develop a fever.
99.8 to 100.5 so far.

I was so careful to stay away from possible infectious places so I doubt I've caught the flu or something like that.

I did notice though that I didn't drink enough today and wonder if that could be part of it.
Appetite is down and weight starts to go down again as well.

I am obviously terrified to go to the ER the night before Thanksgiving. But I wonder if I have to ?
I believe the Oncologist said that once it hits 101 to go to the ER, no matter what.

What are your thoughts on that ?

Happy Thanksgiving,


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Hey there, my hubby has finished 10 rounds of FOLFOX. He's ran a fever on and off. We worried about it at first but he found that if he takes some Motrin when the fever started it usually went away pretty quick. He always ran a fever in the evening. His appetite was zero, but if I fixed it he would he eat and then he'd feel better.
We were told to call onc if fever got over 100.3. You should consult your onc. before making a final decision about er or taking anything.
Dr. has told us that it's part of chemo to run a fever.
Keep hydrated and try to eat.

Good Luck
Diane and Roby

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At the beginning of my Folfox, if anything concerned me I called the after hours emergency line. They had a Doctor call me back and tell me if it was anything that I needed to go to the ER about or if it was the "normal" side effects that were not serious. I would call the emergency number for your Oncologist and run it by them. Good luck and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of you tonight. Update us and let us know what happens.

Take care,


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hi Pam,

i hope you had a nice thanksgiving (as well as everybody else on here!).
heres the update.
i ended up with 101 yesterdsy morning and decided to go to the ER
long story short, i am still in the hospital with a bunch of antibiotic IVs.
funny enough, my surgeon from three months ago when he had done the colon resection just walked in because he had seen my name on the list. he almost had a cow when i told him what they had done so far. his only comment was 'how about a cold?'
oh well. i am frustrated as the fever is gone since yesterdsy evening and i am in a place where i really dont liketo be. It makes me sick being in a Hospital and hope they release me soon.
sorry for venting.


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My husband is on Xeloda and his fever got up to 104.0, obviously we went to the ER. It went down they ran tests and sent us home. The fever came back, we called oncologist and they put him on so heavy duty antibiotics. After about 5 days his fever disappeared. This was a few days ago. We went to the oncologist yesterday and she said it could be bacteria from the colon giving him the fever because of the radiation. I don't know and they don't know but at least the fever is gone.


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