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Stroke, Non Hogkins Lymphoma and lymphoma of the brain

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On July 30, 2011 my mother in law was diagnosed as having a stroke. Within days they discovered tumors around her heart and lung. Later to be determined to be Non Hogkins Lymphoma. They also found a tumor in her stomach area but did not do a biopsy. She declined daily. She started chemo treatments and the third week she lost most of the use of her left side. The right side had already been affected by the stroke. We took her back to the hospital and they discovered lymphoma of the brain, too deep to do surgery. For the last week she has been getting radiation treatments. Now today they have done a spinal tap and found the fluid diminished. Does anyone know what that means to her treatment? Is it common to have minimal fluid with all that she is going through? They said it was clear but since she has the cancer will have to test it. Does anyone have opinions on what the right treatment should be? Do you think they are doing what should be done?

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Sorry you have to be here but you will find wonderfully caring and supportive
people on this site. There is also lots of hope here and many with success
stories. Lymphoma is generally very treatable and they have come along way
in managing side effects and tailoring treatments to individuals.

I recently finished 6 rounds of R-EPOCH for Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma -
priarily in the small intestine and mesentery area. I had surgery to remove
a small section of my small intestine. I am doing well so far.

Joellen, it would help us to have more information. The best place to provide
this is in the "About me" section so anyone can reference this and you don't have
to add it repeatedly in new posts.

What kind of lymphoma is it (type and sub-type, stage, primary location, etc)?
What kind of chemo is she receiving? I don't have any experience with radiation treatments but many here do. The spinal fluid being clear is a good thing though.
I can't speak to the diminished volume. For me, early on they did a dual bone
marrow biopsy and a spinal puncture to check spinal fluid.

Again I'm truly sorry you have to be here and I wish the best for your mother. Others will chime in here soon but it is the Thanksgiving and activity might be lighter than usual today. Please feel free to come here with your questions and to vent and share.
You'll always find listening ears and warm hearts.

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. ☺☺☺
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Thank you so much Jim for all the helpful info. I wasn't aware of putting that info in my "About Me" file. We have everything written in a shared file with family members and I will get all the info and enter it as soon as possible. So happy for you to have completed Chemo in October, and the remission, one can only praise God for his faithfulness!!!! I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers, Joellen

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Hi Joellen,
I'm sorry your mom is dealing with so many area's of her body having lymphoma. It's alot to deal with forsure. I will keep her in my prayers to get stronger for treatment. I only delt with chemo, no radiation, but have heard many say how hard it is when getting the combination of both. I don't know what options are right for her, but be sure to write all of your questions down and present them to her doctor for answers. Please come back and let us know how she does and remember we are always here to help in anyway we can.
Much love to you both...Sue (FNHL-grade2-stage3 typeA-diagnosed 6/10-age 61)

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Thank you Sue, I am sorry you are going through all this and I appreciate you taking the time to help. There are so many questions and it seems the doctors only say the short term and not the long term. She was such an independent woman and full of energy and to see her bedridden is very difficult. Having both cancer and a stroke are very difficult for her. Again thank you and I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers, Joellen

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