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Ooops I posted a day or 2 ago and made a spelling error. Thanks for pointing it out to me ! :) I appreciate it. .....

I said I am NOT having a recurrence but I meant I am NOW having one.


nobody responded yet regarding being on the ABT-888 study (parp) but with that , I am on Carbo & Gemzar.

Has anybody been on this for second line of treatment ?

I have had 2 debulking surgeries as well as a 3rd for scar tissue & adhesions.

Just checking in to see how you might be doing on these drugs.

Also, if you completed second line of treatment, are you back in remission ?


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I finished a round of Cisplatin and Gemzar in June and I started on Topotecan and Avastin today. I didn't lose my hair while on Gemzar. I did when I was Carboplatin and Taxol, but that could have been the Taxol. At the beginning of the treatment I experienced a lot of pain in my abdomen, but it went away as the cancer reduced. I don't really get major tumors on my recurrences, I just get nodular stranding and acites. But I get the Acites pretty bad.
Well since they are both platins they may act similar??

Have you been on Topotecan before?


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no never tried the drug you mentioned.
thanks for writing.

i did cisplatin & taxol for first line of treatment and was in remission for almost 2 years.

i just began the carbo/gemzar/parp a few weeks ago so haven't experienced too much crap yet.

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I'm sorry but my second line of treatment has been Taxol/Gemzar, a bit different. Having been on Carbol/Taxol, I was told that Carbo can cause allergic reactioins once you're on it for a long time ( I was on it for 11 months and never found that, burt it did srart to lose its effectiveness)

Best of luck and keep up informed :)


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