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Thank you

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I want to thank everyone for the input and encouragement I've recieved on this site. I don't know how I could have handled the last six months without it. I got good news today, and I plan on continuing by better "life habits", and hope I can be of help to others who find themselves in our shoes. Thank you for the prayers. I pray for all of us. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Keep praying and keep positive ;-)

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Dear Katielynn,

You have a gentle and generous nature and continue to give in much greater quantity than you receive. On behalf of those whose spirits you have warmed and lifted let me return the thanks and add God bless you.



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Now that you are a full fledged member of the club you can help me calm down the newcomers. These newcomers start on this board scared and nervous and shocked that they have just been told thay have Kidney Cancer and that they have to undergo major surgery. Remember, that was you 6 months ago. We have our work cut out for us

Best wishes


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