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Just had RP

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One week out of surgery at Johns Hopkins and they found the cancer had spread to one lymph node an a seminal tissue. Gleason is a 3+4. I'm proobably looking at radiation therapy minimum. Anyone had a similar predicament? Please help!!!

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My path report was clean after my RP. No spreading to lymph nodes or anywhere else. HOWEVER...18 months later my PSA started to rise signalling a recurrence. My gleason was 4+3 after surgery. First off, don't panic. As my urolist told me after my radiation, there are many treatments for PCa that are very effective. You have a pathology report so they know exactly what they're dealing with and can formualte the best plan of attack from here. Stay informed, stay positive and stay well.

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Welcome to the board.
Many of us experience failure in treatments for our disease. The good is that there are other ways to deal with the “bandit” and blow it to the canvas.
The first thing I recommend you to do is to read about prostate cancer particularly about salvage treatments. Just type in a net search engine this sentence “Salvage treatment for prostate cancer”.
Nevertheless, you should get firstly the pathological report which will inform on the findings from surgery. You will get a pathological stage.
Pre op PSA and after surgery are elements required when choosing a salvage treatment too.

Remember that you are not alone and many guys here with help you understanding the facts of your case. You should prepare a list of questions for your next visit to the doctor. Here is a link that may be of help (http://csn.cancer.org/node/224280)
Let us know about developments and results

Wishing you a complete recovery from surgery.

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