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decided to do genome sequencing...wonder what it'll show about cancer?

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My husband is an immunologist and participated in a genome sequencing project called 23andMe. The name comes from the 23 chromosomes that are on each DNA strand. We decided to order the kit (online) for me. There is so much to say about this innovation but I will stick to cancer-related subjects.
Curious to find out what it will say about my cancer and the treatment damage esp. because one of the Drug Responses lists Floruorcuail toxicity. His was average (he's never had cancer) and I did 50 doses in the clinical trial for Stage 3 rectal cancer.
Some of the more interesting categories:
Disease Risk
Carrier Status
Drug Response
Interesting stuff...you can Google it, and I will report back when my saliva sample is analyzed.
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Please keep us updated. Sounds very interesting!!

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