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Laurissa in hospital

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crafty two
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To update you all, Laurissa is in the hospital sence nov. 16th she is having trouble keeping her blood counts up, platlets was down to # 2 when taken to the ER... They got them up to a 15 then they dropped to a 5.they said she was on the critical list when brought into the ER.. My daughter Lisa and I have been working and planing on a Benefit for Laurissa for months. We had it nov 19th. Laurissa was so upset that she thought she would miss it. the doctors gave her a medical pass to leave the hospital go to the benefit and come right back to the hospital. She was so happy she could do that for a few hours,but it took alot out of her, she is so weak and tired !!!We raised over $7000 for her...Her husband is still off work with his back surgery, still doing therapy, hopefully going back to work soon. Laurissa is going to have bonemarrow test done mon.21 or tues.22 to try to fined out why her counts won't stay up.I'm so scared and worried for her.I know things are in Gods hands and I'm praying so hard ,please pray for her, I know you all are ...thanks for keeping her in your prayers.I will try to keep you updated as I know you all care so much...I've been so busy working on the benefit or running Laurissa to chemo & labs and Drs.appointment I haven't had time to get on the board ,but I will let you know what the tests show.You all are in my prayers, to each and everyone have a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving...I will tell Laurissa I posted, she talks about so many of her pink sisters that I feel you are family...Laurissa sister ,Kathy

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Thank you for posting. I am so sad to hear that she is not doing well, but happy that she was able to go to the benefit. Let her know that prayers are coming her way.


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Kathy, as you can tell from the posts on here, the pink sisters have all been worried and concerned for Laurissa, as we hadn't seen her post any update. I am so sorry to read that she has been in the hospital.

What a wonderful sister you are and what a wonderful daughter you have to sponsor a benefit for Laurissa. I know money was one of her concerns with her husband's surgery. $7000 is a lot of money! I want to personally say thank you to you and to Lisa for doing this!

I will be praying that with the bone marrow test, her doctor's can find out why her counts won't stay up. Please keep us updated as to her results Kathy.

Laurissa is so amazing and so courageous and we all love her! Please do let her know that we are all praying for her.

Thank you so much Kathy for posting today. Laurissa is family and loved by all.

Love, Sue

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What a blessing you are to your sister....I hate to hear that Laurissa is so ill....please give her my best wishes and let her know she is thought of often on this board....we truly care about her....will most definitely keep her and your family in my prayers...

Please post updates when you can....

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Megan M
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Kathy, I hope that Laurissa's tests are finished now and that she got some good results. I keep looking for an update on how she is doing & her results.

Let her know that I am praying for her every day.

Hugs, Megan

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Laurissa is in my prayers~ Give her hugs~


Lynn Smith
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Prayers to Laurissa that her tests are fine and she will be home soon from the hospital.Everyone has been worried.

A BIG THANK YOU for having the benefit for your sister and helping her and her husband with finances.You are a special sister.

You're very busy now but post any updates when you have time.We're all thinking of you and Laurissa.

Lynn Smith

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Alexis F
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Thanks Kathy for the update, although I wish it were better news. Please let Laurissa know that I am praying for her.

Hugs, Lex

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Thank you for the update on Laurissa. She is constantly in my thoughts and I continue to pray for her. Please give her a hug for me and let her know how much she is loved.

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I am so sorry to hear that Laurissa is having such a hard time. I hate cancer! Please let her know that I love her and you all are in my prayers. (((Hugs)))

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Please give Laurissa our love and thank you for the update. I'll be stepping up my prayers for your beautiful sister...


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I knew Laurissa was having a really rough time with chemo. I am so sorry that she is in the hospital. Thanks for letting us know.

Big hugs and prayers,


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sorry double post

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Kathy thank you for thinking of us and updating us. Please let Laurissa know that we care so much for her and that we are lifting her in prayer and meditations. How wonderful that you were able to raise so much money in her behalf and how wonderful that she was able to attend, I am sure it was a blessing for all who attended. Sending gentle hugs her way!



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just wanted you to know that you are all in my prayers....hoping for a speedy recovery for Larissa and her husband.

Tons of Hugs

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I have been thinking of her so much. I'm so sorry that she is having such a rough time. Please tell her we are all praying for her and you are a wonderful sister!

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Kathy - I appreciate your update so much. We care so much for
Laurissa and I've been so worried about her with this new chemo
she is getting. I know the proceeds from the benefit must give
her some relief from extra worry. Every woman needs a sister
like you! Prayers will continue for her and her husband, of course
and I am sending her love and positive thoughts. Thank you again
Kathy. God bless you all.

Luv & hugs, Teresa

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Just wishing you Kathy and your daughter a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope and pray that Laurissa is doing better.


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Bella Luna
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Thank you for being a good friend to Laurissa. I am so sorry to hear she is having such a hard time of it. Please give her our love and let her know she remains in our prayers. Hugs to you all.

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I'm sorry to hear this news. Laurissa is in my thoughts and prayers. It's God's will. She's so Very fortunate to have your support.


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I'm so very sorry to hear Laurissa has been in the hospital. She is so sweet and is such an inspiration to us all. I'm praying for her and the family. Thank you for posting and keeping us updated.



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Kathy, worrying about Laurissa. I hope you can update us and I pray it will be good news.

Sue :)

Cindy Bear
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for letting us know. I hop on over here from the uterine/ovarian boards once in awhile and I was worrying and wondering about Laurissa too. She is blessed to have a sister like you. Keeping her and you , in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how she's doing.
Big hugs,

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Thanks for the update! She is blessed to have a sister like you! Awesome job on the benefit!! Tell Laurissa we love her and she is constantly in our thoughts and prayers.


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Thank you for the update, and wow...what an amazing friend/supporter you are to step in and help with appts. plus the fundraiser~ Laurissa is blessed to have you on her team!

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thanks for letting us know about Larissa. Let her know she is in our prayers and send her our love - take care of you also - how lucky she is to have you. Keep us posted.
much love,

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I will be praying for Laurissa and her husband.


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jo jo
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Kathy thanks for an update on Laurissa...im not on here much now a days but when i am i always look for her posts to see how shes doing. I hate hearing that shes in the hospital. Tell her shes an inspiration to us all and we miss her.
Im happy to hear her hubby is getting better!
My sister did the same...going to all my surgeries, doc appointments ect, ect with me. I would have been lost without her. You will never know how much your appreciated...we may not be able to show it or tell you at the time but sisters like you are totally awesome and i believe you will get a special blessing out of it. It takes a special kind of person to stay devoted and go thru it with them like that!!!

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Thanks for the update, and Laurissa is in my prayers.

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Please let Laurissa know that prayers and well wishes are coming her way. She is a wonderful person as you are as well to help her in so many ways. Hugs to both of you and the family.


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Thank you for posting. Gosh I remember when Laurissa and I where worried about when we could color our hair. I am so sorry she is so sick. Please tell her husband we keep him in our prayers and Kathy, you and your family as well. Laurissa, well she knows we keep her close to our hearts. Hugs

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Kathy thank you for the update. I think about her daily and pray. She is so loved on these boards and I will always consider her my chemo buddy, because we started chemo in 09 within a week of each other. Sending special hugs, prayers and love to my Kindred Pink sister, to you, her daughters, and the family.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Kathy thank you for sharing this news. Please take some time for yourself, you've done so much and been so busy...a little time doing something special for yourself will go a long way in helping Laurissa. You are both very special people.



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deal to all of US! You are such a supportive and loving Sister -- organizing the fundraiser for Laurissa -- as well as taking her to all of her chemo, doctor's and misc appointments.

Praying that there is relief, better health for Laurissa and her family, soon.

Please know that we are praying for your sanity, strength and health as well as Miss Laurissa.

Strength, Courage and Hope.

Vicki Sam

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How did Laurissa's tests go Kathy? Please post when you know her results.



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We are indeed family~ and we have never been more than a thought and a prayer away from Laurissa and all of you going through this frightening time together. I am so heartbroken that her counts are low~ hopefully the tests will not only show why, but that a solution will be right there and she can respond to the treatment and regain strength. Tired as she was, I know she must have been thrilled to be at the benefit~ and what a grand total!! Congratulations!Laurissa is so loved and special to so many of us; I can see why the outpouring of love was so evident.

Blessings to you for keeping us in the loop~ I can only begin to imagine how difficult this is for you, and we so appreciate that you took the time to let us know. We send you love and courage too...and I know you will give your darling sister hugs and kisses from her family of Kindred Spirits here at CSN. We love her sooo much! (((((((hugs)))))))


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Kathy, Laurissa is a part of the family here on CSN and all of us have been worrying so much about how she was doing. We pink sisters stick together! It saddens me to know that she is in the hospital now and having more problems. I hope that the doctors can find why her markers are low and staying that way.

The benefit you and your daughter held for her was such a sweet, kind and generous gift. And the fact that Laurissa was able to attend is wonderful. I know how much that meant to her.

Laurissa is blessed to have you Kathy and your daughter. I remember how you would post on here when Laurissa was having a rough time long ago to support her.

I will light a candle for Laurissa and continue praying.

Please post any update when you can and the pink sisters will keep praying.



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Sending lots of prayers for Larissa and for you!

Please post when you can and keep us up to date.

And please give Larissa hugs from all of us.

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Dear Kathy, You are such a treasure to Laurissa and everyone here. Thanks for updating us. I'm not on these boards much but my daily prayers are for Laurissa and all the ladies here. Hoping to hear that Laurissa is better and home soon.

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Kristin N
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No words can describe how thankful we are that you have posted an update on Laurissa and what a wonderful sister you are. We should all be so lucky as to have a sister like you. I thank God for mine everyday. I pray that Laurissa will soon be released and come home and be feeling much better. Thanks again for posting Kathy.

♥ Kristin ♥

Posts: 4376
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Sending prayers and gentle cyber hugs to Laurissa. Thanks Kathy.

Hugs, Jan

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Kathy, thank you for the update on Laurissa. We have all been very concerned about her. I am so sorry to read that she is in the hospital. I hope the reasons are discovered soon and she is on another treatment or whatever it takes to get her strength back and get her back home. You are a very special angel in her life. I know all about it because I have a sister just like you. We are so lucky!

Please give Laurissa a gentle (((hug))) from me and let her know we are sending her strength and love. Take care of yourself, too.

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I hope the number of well wishes and prayers on here give Laurissa some comfort and helps her to know how many people are pulling for her.

I am fairly new to the boards, but she is someone who reached out to me right away, so I too, always look for updates on her.

Thank you for being so wonderful to her and keeping us all informed.

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What a wonderful sister you are and thank you Kathy for posting about Laurissa for us. Laurissa is our sister, our family and we've been very, very worried.

I pray that her counts will go up, she will feel better and be able to go home.

Give her a big hug from me and tell her we love her and miss her.

Hugs, Noel

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Thank you for being such a wonderful sister and keeping us updated. I will keep both of you in my thoughts and send some positive energy to help in her recovery.


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Warmest thought and strong prayer for Laurissa to get well.

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Double Whammy
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To both you and Larissa, I'm sending my prayers and hugs. Please let her know that we are right there with her and her husband as they deal with everything they've been dealt.

Please keep us posted.


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Praying for Laurissa as always. Thanks Kathy for posting the update and please keep us informed on her.

Hugs, Leeza

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Double post

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thanks for the update but I'm so sorry to hear that Laurissa is not doing well. I am glad she was able to attend the fundraiser and you did an awesome job raising money to help them out. Please let her know she is in my thoughts and prayers.
{{hugs}} Char

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A blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours, Kathy. Best wishes for good test results that will help the doctors stabilize Laurissa. Strength for all of you! xoxoxoxo Lynn


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