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New on here

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Hi all...

My name is Cathie and my father was told he had non small cell lung cancer just over a year ago, he has had Radiotherapy and is currently on his second Chemotherapy treatment, he is due to have another two then i think a scan is to follow....His third dose of chemotherapy is due on the 23rd of December and he is thinking of asking his onc if he can delay the treatment by a week just so he can enjoy the christmas break...Have any of you done this before or know of anybody else who has.???

Any comments would be greatly appreciated..

Many thanks

Cathie...x x

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Stage 3B, coming up on 1.5 years past the end of treatments here.

I've never asked for a postponement, and I'm guessing the docs wouldn't recommend it or they probably already would have offered up the option, in light of the date.

If I were him, I'd do it on schedule, and then celebrate all the more after the treatments were done.

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