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Hi all!
Mum has some stability now being in remission and we are all happy about it! But she also has attacks of anxiety and as I have read here, that is not uncommon.. She is afraid that it is growing (CA125 up slowly)and she was devestated last CT because nothing had change for the better? But not worse either! But her hair is growing back, mums feets are doing better and we all hope this will last at least for a cople of months.

Take care all fighting spirits!


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I know that this anxiety thing must be a pretty natural phase. They constantly wonder what's gonna happen next? I try to tell myself to enjoy this time. My family(dad, sister) run around acting like she is cured for life. I want to be that positive too. I really do. But I have talked to the doc and he said she is more on a break from her chemo. Last time we knew her ca number was a 3. I know that is probably not correct. So i told her if he would have given u that number last visit and it was a 4 she would have been paranoid, so i told her to wait till she goes in January to worry about that.
I just know from being on here with everyone that she most likely has a long road ahead of her. I choose to be truthful with her when i read things or whatever. My family is the ones who will be suprised when it is back. I will probably be more upset because of how close i am to her, but atleast i will be prepared!
So, we need to try and help them enjoy this time. It is our duty!

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