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34 years old Newly Diagnosed

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Never thought I would have to make a post like this but I am lost and scared right now
Long story short, I've had pretty much no periods for years during my 20's due to what I was first told was because of a weight gain, doctor back then told me if I wasn't looking to get pregnant not to worry

As years passed hubby and I wanted kids so I lost 80 pounds and my cycles became normal again, went to a fertility doctor and was put on femara for one year with no results, had one IUI that didn't work and due to finances at that point we stopped. Gained weight again and cycles stopped, as I approached 35 in the upcoming year I wanted to get fit and start trying again. Had a D&C to remove a polyp, got a call from my Gyn's office to come in for the results of the biopsy, I have anxiety so I didn't want to wait until Monday so I went to my family doc and he was able to tell me what the pathology report said.


Adenocarcinoma, Endometriod Grade 2 Arising on the background of Atypical Complex Hyperplasia

Microscopic Examination:
Squamous metaplasia is noted

I went to the gyn to discuss getting my periods back on track since they have been absent for so long, nothing no symptoms! I go in for fertility and come out with cancer

ANYWAYS I see my Gyn on Monday and see what the next steps are I'm assuming to discuss the path results more and get refereed to a onc, but my family doctor did say he feels this is a blessing in disguise to catch it early.. Not sure how he knows this, we have no children so knowing I have to have a hysterectomy has devastated me and I am scared about everything.

I never thought it would be me and I am terrified. I am a nutcase right now, I am fine one minute then my emotions just rush out and I get terrified of everything. I blame myself for not going in sooner about absent periods and I am afraid I waited far too long and it will have spread.

I feel 100% fine physically, but now every little ache or pain I get scares the crud outta me.

I'm scared it isn't going to be caught early and the grade 2 scares me even more. I don't know if it's even possible to harvest my eggs or if it's too dangerous to wait

Just wanted to vent, never thought I would have to join a cancer network but you all seem like a great supportive group of warriors and I am blessed to have found this place

Thank you for listening

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Shell bug
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Hi Melanie,

I too am facing a possible Lynch diagnosis. I am 38. I had a complete hysterectomy on Oct. 28 by the davici robot and cannot rave about it enough. Be sure to ask about it.

I am currently considered stage two grade 3. I will undergo both chemo and radiation. I had symptoms of cancer for nearly a year before I had a biopsy. My doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound earlier, but I blew it off because I was so healthy otherwise. So, I understand your regret of not addressing the issue sooner. I have just decided that there is no sense in looking back, only forward.

I am very new to all of this and have a lot to learn, and it sounds like you are in the same boat. As others have mentioned, you are unique so do not look at stats too much. I also understand that you are hypersensitive to all aches and pains, I am too. A simple headache means fear and anxiety now. I have not figured out how to conquer this tendency yet.

I have a PET scan on the 30th to try to figure out a spot on my collarbone. All of the lymph nodes they took were negative, so that makes me feel better.

I am so sorry that you will not be able to have children. I was lucky enough to have two, even though they were difficult pregnancies. I am terrified of leaving them behind. Not only that, they may have Lynch too. I cannot get in to see a genetic counselor for a couple of months, so I am trying not to worry.

Overall, I feel positive most days and I feel well. You will feel better, mentally, once your surgery is complete. Sorry if I rambled, this is my first post too.

Take care and I am sending positive energy and prayers your way.

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Everyone here on this thread went through the same fears as you both are going through. First of all do not do too much interneting some of the info are outdated and can cause you more harm than good. Cancer in these modern times is not a death sentence especially when detected in its earlier stage. I will not tell you not to worry because this is what we do, but the thing is worrying gets us no where. Sorry about not being able to have children but some time later you can look into adoption. I have adopted a child and I never thought that I could love a someone else's child the way I love him, so please dear do not beat yourself up and don't look back look forward and focus on getting better. When you go to the Doc make sure to take someone with you, you will be in a fog and will not get everything you hear. Also take a pad and pen write questions before you go in and remember to ask for copies of your reports just in case you have to change doctors you will have all your records. As of now start nourishing yourself. I had stage 1a grade 3 MMMT cancer and I had the davinci surgery which was a really fast recovery, but my Chemo Doc told me she was sorry I did not do conventional. So who knows? Anyway I am now two years in remission.
The brain is a wonderful organ that can play many games with us. Be wise guys and pray for guidance. May you both be courageous and find the right answers and pray that God give you the strength and endurance on this journey. love and best wishes to all of you. June

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Thank you Nem and Shell, hugs to you both

Your words have comforted me a little and I appreciate your response and time. I have not slept since my diagnoses and I fear I am going to drive my husband crazy as I am bringing worst case scenarios up every 5 minutes and telling him I won't get to grow old and grey with him.

I was given Klonopoin but holy moly they don't help!

I want to stay positive, and I am trying very very hard, just when I think I've gone an hour with a smile or two the emotions come again, I've had hubby take these last few days off work to stay with me as he works straight midnights and I am terrified to be alone at night, but I know this isn't realistic and he will need to go back soon.

I will update tomorrow after I have my first visit with my Gyn

Love to you all, god bless

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Shell bug
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I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. Sorry I mentioned the Lynch syndrome. I blended your post with another one I read. It dawned on me while I was at work today, silly me.

Hang in there and I would love to hear your news.


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