Post whole brain radiation 32 years ago

My son was diagnosed with astrocytoma to the right side of the brain just above and just behind the ear. He had a craniotomie, removed tumor and large doses of whole brain radiation for 4 weeks. Six years later had second craniotomie second tumor, larger, no radiation. Thyroid cancer nineteen years later, removed. Cancer was still showing in his blood work but not in thyroid site. In July 2005,pet scan showed 5 tumors in the brain in scattered sites, 3 in the neck area of the spine, 2 in the middle portion of the back and 3 in the lumbar area. All were astrocytomas, he also had tumors floating in the spinal fluid because one brain tumor was on the ventrical to the spinal fluid canal. Tried chemo and radiation to the neck tumors, no results with either. Brain was too damaged to do any more brain radiation. Was given 6 months to live, is still alive, but starting to have more mannick episodes. Looking for info or ideas.


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    Sorry to hear of your son's illness
    Good Morning:

    I do not have any advice for your particular situation and I am sorry I do not. I will pray for your son today and for you. Prayer is so powerful. May God bless you and your son on this journey.

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    I echo Edna's comment, and I can add that diet is so important. There is a post on here about nutrition helping multiple tumours. I take reishi mushroom capsules because they boost the immune system. Radiation can do more damage than good sometimes. I don't know your situation about where you live and your financial situation, but there are many success stories about certain foods helping. One I would heavily suggest is reishi, and to cut out all processed sugars. Actually, all processed foods in general.

    There's someone who talked about juicing - I don't know much about that, but chemo didn't work for me so I have to look beyond what my doctors can tell me.

    As with Edna, a prayer goes out to you both.