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No chemo No radiation my mom is in hospital - please pray

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I am writing today to ask for your prayers for my mom and to help me go on if god takes her. She is in the hospital because her cancer has spread to her throat and the back of her neck. Because it has spread to her throat, she can't eat and when she drinks she chokes. She also has bone mets and is in much pain but the pain killers help her. We fought so hard this past year that we will loose the battle. I don't know in how long but I know we will loose it since the doctor's will not recommend any treatment. I don't want her suffering but I don't want her to leave me/us either. I can only ask that you pray for my mom and for me to deal with what is coming our way. I thank you with all my heart for everyone that has been there for me on this site and all the amazing new friends I have met and corresponded with. God bless you all.

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I'm sorry your mom is not doing well.
You're in my thoughts and I hope grace, peace and mercy
will find you both.

Big hugs,

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Praying for the warmth of God's grace and mercy to surround you during this difficult time, teena. Just let Him embrace both of you as your mom transitions to her new life.


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