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I am a survivor of stage 1V pancreatic cancer. It can be beaten. I live a healthy happy, vibrant life.

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Pancreatic, lymphoma, leukemia, colon, spleen, gallbladder, urinal trac, stomach

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Welcome to CSN and I so glad to hear you have beat the beast in your fight with pancreatic cancer. Also I hope you know that these is a forum here on CSN with a lot of others just like you.

Wiching you all the best

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there is no Pancreatic forum. Most of the discussions fall under "Rare and Other Cancers". Survivors like Janet are extremely rare, even though the cancer is relatively common.


I also wish you nothing but the best, and I hope you stay cancer free forever.


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This is not the right forum for this (and thanks for pointing out the error in someone else's response), but I can't resist:

We ask ourselves (okay, I do), why some boards are extremely busy, Breast Cancer, Colorectal come to mind, and why others (Lung Cancer, the Rare ones you mention) do not have so much traffic. My obvious thought is that this not a bias against some cancers but either a purposeful or accidental result of statistics. Thus, the reason there is no Pancreatic Cancer forum is because the number of people who hang around long enough to be a representative long term population does not merit a forum.

Harsh, I know, but I suspect so. I am not sure that this is at it should be, since pancreatic cancer survivors, for however long they have, need support and guidance too, but it appears to be the case. (And, incidentally, traffic in both the Head/Neck and particularly the Neck Cancer forums has increased dramatically over the last few years, meaning something positive I am inclined to assume.)

Take care, Blake,



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