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Fear, anxiety,depression

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Hi everybody,

I found a small pea shaped lump on my breast about one month ago. I have cystic breasts, sensitive breasts. So i have been keeping an eye (hand) on it to see if it would go away. This lump feels like a lymph node. It's very hard, pea size. I am skipping doctor and going straight for ultrasound next Friday 7:30 am. It hurts in that area and all the way up to my armpit. I feel very depressed right now and scared. I am so not ready for anything else to go wrong.

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So sorry for your worries...more additions to our prayer lists!!! You are wise to check it out quickly, you know how much success there is when something is caught early. I know emotionally you must feel absolutely drained, but you will have the strength to do whatever you must. There is always the chance it is not so bad. I am 52yrs old and about 15yrs ago I found a pea size lump also. I put it off for a while ( busy raising 5 kids ) but eventually had it checked. It came up as some sort of calcium related cyst. It was drained and watched and never a concern again until I was diagnosed with anal cancer and they felt that that area was still a bit more lumpy than should be. Had a mammagram, did a biopsy, and was told it was abnormal but not of concern again at this time????? I am kind of worried (have been always) but has never prooved to be really anything. Good luck with all you are enduring, in my prayers.

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That helped. I have had cysts, aspirations, and biopsies 25 years ago also. This breast has always been a problem, so I am on high alert at all times. Hopefully someone will cancel and something will open up sooner. I don't want to tell my husband until I have to. hopefully it's the same as yours and nothing to worry about.

Thanks for your support

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I know how worried you are, but please keep in mind that if were to turn out to be anything, you will have caught it very early. My sister has dense breast and they found a mass that they had to do a biopsy on and it turned out to be nothing. So from now on she has to have I think MRIs? or ultra sounds? I can't remember but its more than a mamogram because of the dense breast.

Because I was being scanned for the anal cancer, on one of my scans a lung nodule was found, well 3 months later another scan and it grew so it had to come out. I had the vats lung lobectomy on 9-23-10, and yes it was cancer. I was a 35 year smoker until the anal cancer dx.

What I'm trying to say is that because we are so aware and are scanned so often, the good thing is most any cancer will be caught at its earliest stage, the curable stage.

I hope this pea sized bump is an ingrown hair.

I wish you well Lori.

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Thanks. I giggled at the end.

You certainly have been through a lot. I admire your attitude.


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I will be keeping positive thoughts for you and I sincerely hope this lump turns out to be nothing of concern. I am very glad you are getting it checked out right away. I have had dense breasts ever since I started getting my routine mammograms and have had to go back for repeat mammos and even an ultrasound once. However, everything came back negative. That is my hope for you too!

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Thank you Martha. I feel better than I did earlier already.

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