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RP robotic 1 week ago

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Well it is 7 days since I said bye bye prostate and feeling good. Surgery was about 4 hours and came out fine. Pain increased as night wnet on and took one pain pill. By Friday morning was up and ready to go home and did not take a pain pill since night of the surgery. Took some Tylonol occasionally and Tylonol PM to help sleep. However, did not feel the need since yesterday morning to even take them. Sleeping on a recliner took a little getting used to but was fine. Worked great with catheter. Put night bag in a plastic bucket and would switch to leg bag in morning. Was walking almost a half mile by Saturday (2 days after surgery) and a mile today. Catheter feels wierd and tugs a little. If you are having an RP ask hospital for lydocaine, it really help lubricate the tip to prevent irritation. I also you used neosporin for keeping clean. I cleaned the tip and tube with sanitary anti-bacterial wipes 3 or 4 times a day and rinsed bags out daily. You need to keep your hands clean anytime you work on lubricating or changing bag to prevent infection. Also, clean end that connects to surgical tubing to prevent infections. BM's were interesting usually had worst bladder spasms right after but passed quick. Take lots of stool softeners.

Yesterday catheter came out. I must say was the wierdest felling of my life. Not painful but gouache. The doctor filled up my bladder with saline and was able to completely control urination. I wore a pad to bed last night and was dry this morning. No pads at all today. Only occasionaly when I cough or sneeze if I fell like bladder is full a few drops come out. I am beyond happy that continence is not an issue.

My path report was upgraded from a 3+4 to a 4+3 and there was a small tumor in the other lobe. Lab did not change first tunmor found on biopsy. Doctor was not concerned as no prostatic extension, all margins and lypph nodes clean, no vascular invasion but PNI posative as in biopsy. Oncologist at JH said not really an issue with this report since it was organ confined. This upgrade however made my decision that much more comforting since I am 49.

For fun my wife and I hit a adult store tonight to get a pump to start training on Saturday.
My doctor wants therapy for the love muscle immediately as he says "use it or lose it". Start on drugs tomorrow that should be fun. Did notice a change during the night last night not sure if it was enough to get excited about but definately a change in size.

Anyway, I hope anyone reading this who is going to have this procedure will see the good side of surgery. My wife has made this journey all the more interesting and even a little fun. You need to communicate with our partner and lean on each other. You are not alone in this if you have someone. A wife, child or friend. Like I say to her, "we are in this together and will get through it together". She even but some fun stuff at the store tonight to spice it up. Looking forward to living and helping others who unfortunately get pulled into this club. Hope if you are reading this you are doing well and find some inspiration in my words.

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Just thought I would let you know that I read this and other entries you posted recently. I traveled a similar road 20 years ago. The road surface may not have been as smooth then (no DeVinci), but the need to do something about the cancer was as important. My wife was with me then and has been all the intervening years. In all honesty, I think we have grown closer than we were before. Sex is different, of course, but it is still a vital part of our lives. I cannot be certain that my bride of 62 years agrees, but I think it is as good or better.

Recovery from the surgery itself was more difficult for me than your account of your experience. I spent a few days in the hospital and then went home with the catheter still in place. One rather painful memory: the urologist stitched the catheter to the end of my penis. He had not told me that he would do that, but after the fact, he said it was necessary. Was that a common practice? I don’t know.

Thank you for sharing. I wish you and your bride continued happiness in the years to come.


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Thanks Hunter for the narration of your experiences.
Many guys reading your thread surely appreciate your “inspiration”.
I wish you recover from the treatment the soonest and that you let us know of future results.


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Hunter 49, glad your recovery is going good! I just had the robotic surgery December 1 and went home with very little pain. The catheter does tug and pull but more uncomfortable than anyhing else. I had 1 core positive out of 12 which was a 4+4, I hope to get the final results by the end of next week.

The doctor was very pleased with the outcome of the surgery, which of course was good news.It's always good to here positive outcomes, I'm 44 and just wanted to get my prostate gone and move on. Thanks for the post, enjoyed reading it!

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