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husband is 9 weeks post op

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Hi Everyone,
I was encouraged to give a brief history about my husband, his staging etc history of Prostate cancer journey. Here goes!!

My husband has a strong family history of prostate cancer. His father passed away 15 years ago by prostate cancer, his fathers father also, his fathers brother was diagnose and had his prostate removed and is now 82, my husbands older brother had his removed 3 months ago. He was a gleason 7 with a psa of 5, found in one point but 90% volume. He elected the davinci and when final pathology was done the cancer was at the capsule edge but still contained. His first psa came back a 0.3. My husband has had his psa checked every few years, given his family history. Over the past few years it has slowly started to climb, given it was still low by all means, last year (1.5) When his brother was diagnosed this year, my husband had his checked and in 8 months his had doubled. The urologist highly suggested biopsy given the family history. My husbands came back a gleason 7 (4+3) found in 4 points and they were 60, 70 and 80 % volume.
After much discussion and researching he decided to do the davinci.
So that is how we are at the 9 week post op.
My husband is 57.

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Sounds like your proactive approach will pay long-term dividends! Hoping for a bunch of future PSA zeros to you and your husband.

Enjoy the holidays!

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Thanks Dave!
We hope so also.

We, of course, are having to deal with the issues surrounding the sexual aspect of this. He is able to achieve orgasm, no true erection. He does not expect that at this time but is pleased with what he has regained. he has tried viagra but the side effects are to much for him. He is not eager to try any of the others at this point.

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Thanks for the information regarding your husband’s PCa case. I would appreciate if you share with us the results from surgery in terms of PSA and the data from the pathologist’s report.
What was the “pathological stage” attributed to your husband?

Incontinence and ED (erectile dysfunction) are common risks from surgery. Many of us do well and recover from the effects in the first 3 to 4 months. Unfortunately some guys do worse and become incontinent permanently. I had surgery in 2000 at the age of 50 and luckily was never incontinent but sex never returned to the same levels as before. We have continuously engaged in our lovely nights even though at a lower quality. Understanding between my wife and I and never given up has played a big role in our case.

Here is the link to a site dedicated to ED and a book which I hope it to be helpful to you both to overcome the problem.

"Saving Your Sex Life-2010” by Dr. John P. Mulhall

Wishing your husband a continuous good recovery.


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Hi Vgama,

Thank you so much for sharing your side/perspective!!

Hubby and I have/and have always had a great relationship. We too are learning to make the best of what we now can share. If it improves over time so be it, if it does not********we have each other and i am very thankful for that. We too have the attitude of never giving up, and working together to make it work for both.
He has doing really well, I think, in terms of incontinence. At 10 weeks out he has an occasional "oops" as he refers to it maybe once a day. Of course this all depends on what activities and level he is doing.

I work in the medical field and truly count us as fortunate at this point!!! We were pro active given his family history and am in hopes that it is going to pay off in the long term!.

Hubby has his psa drawn next week with his 3 month f/u appt after that. At that time, I am going to obtain copies of his final reports and will then be able to share more information.

I will look into the book, everyone recommends it.

Have an awesome day

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