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First Follow-up CT

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Just got back from having and abdominal-pelvic-chest CT scan. My results should be ready tomorrow. My PC doesn't work on Fridays, sure hope whoever is covering for him can give me my results. I have faith God will pull me through this....but deep down inside I'm so verrrrry, verrrry afraid. Please say a prayer for me tonight. I know prayer helps. I pray for all of us. I wanted to get this scan done alone....I walk into the clinic and my daughter and future son-in-law are standing in the hall waiting for me...I hate having my kids go through this...I'll never forget hearing them cry when they first found out I had cancer...This is breaking my heart more than anything....Dear God, please bless us all....Thanks for listening and all the support I've found here...

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Isaiah 41;10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

This is one of the Healing Scriptures that help me get through my surgery. I had my surgery Oct 27th 2011.I had my right kidney removal, tumor 3.5 size Robotic assist nephrectomy
6 small incision & 1 4'incision and all are healing very good..

I'm doing great; was only in the hospital 2 days, meds 1 week.

Keep your faith and put all your trust in God

I'll be praying for you...God Bless

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I just tossed you a GOOD LUCK TOKEN! Hope you caught it!


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I think it's a motherly instinct to take care of everybody, and to not want our kids to worry about us. But, you need that support from your kids, it will make your family even closer and stronger. It sounds that you've raised good kids. :)

I hope you hear soon, waiting is for the birds!
Take Care

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Minnesota Girl
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Will say a prayer for you when I am there. :)

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Minnesota Girl
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Katielynn -

My results were A-OK. I'm hoping yours are the same. Let us know!

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Just got results from my lung,abdomen and pelvic CT scans! They are all good! Thank the Dear Lord!!!! I still have a few lung nodules, and they haven't changed at all since last Nov. It seems they are probably scar tissue. I had very severe lung infections as a child. I meet my nephrologist Dec 7th. This is one hurdle over with. Thank you all my dear friends for your prayers, I know they help. I pray for all of us, and I hope others facing the same path will be encouraged, and realize that there can be a beautiful light at the end of our tunnel. God bless us all..... Katie

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Good for you!! I am now where you were. Today I had chest, abd, and pelvic pet scans, bone scan and brain scan. Share your good luck with me. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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Always happy to hear great news!!!!

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Hi Katielynn,

I had not heard the term NED until MG posted it either, but it is nice to be a member of the club isn't it? Congratulations on the good news, you have a wonderful spirit, may God's angels continue to protect you.

A fellow club member,


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