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Hi my name is La Veren

Almost 3 years ago my husband was digaonsed with stage 2 brain cancer Dr's said he had 7 to 10 years at that time. They did surgery and removed as much as they could and he went thru cemo and is on seizure meds 3 times a day. He handled the cemo pretty good lost his but it has grown back.

The last MRI in August show a new growth of something Dr. said he could not tell what it was but something was there it showed up in the last MRI but was smaller. We go back in January/February for another MRI.

He is doing good trying to find a job after almost 3 years being unemployeed, because he was a truck driver and due to his sizures he lost his licienses but has got it back
for class A only so now he has to find something else he can do.

Just here looking for other for info on these tumors.

Thanks La Verne

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to the boards.

You didn't say what type of brain cancer your husband has so I'm not sure how I can help exactly except to say that you have come to a great place that is filled with HOPE, love, care and friendship. Remember that there are no dumb questions, just unasked ones.


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Hi Teresa

My husband has an Astrocytoma Left Frontal Lobe.

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