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Healing time after surgery

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I go back to MDA mid January for my first post treatment checkup. IF I have to have surgery after all (I hope not) how long does it take to heal and return home? IF a colostomy becomes necessary how long does ir take to heal and learn how to manage the bag?

PLEASE KNOW THAT I PRAY AND REALLY BELIEVE THAT I WILL HAVE A GOOD CHECK UP!!!! However I have to know how to handle the worse as well. This is how I handle stressful situations. Be ready either way...........

If you had treatment away from home do you have a local oncologist, and if so, why? I am having a difficult time finding one here.

All information will be appreciated. Thanks, Lorie

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here's hoping they tell you surgery isn't needed - if they do it takes 4-5 days in the hospital to recover and they send you home w a drain tube which comes out once it is only giving off a little fluid - if you have surgery at MDA and then go home w the drain (like I did) have a doctor locally who agrees to take it out before you have the surgery because they don't like being asked to clean up after someone else's work - I thought I woiuld walk into the ER and have them pull it - wrong! Re: the bag the main thing that takes getting used to is how foreign it is - and gross - the grossness fades - I never had any problems with the process of emptying - it just takes time to get over the shock of coming into such close contact with what used to just drop into the water

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Thanks so much for the info..... Ran into the "NO DOCTOR" problem already... Will be sure to cover that base before I go, even though I hope NOT to need surgery.. I just always have to be prepared for the worse as well as hope for the best. Thanks, Lorie

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Lorikat ... my oncologist is on the east coast and I live in the west. I see my Primary care physician for any issues ... I am 9 months out. If you have a good primary care physician, get reestablished there perhaps. Be strong and well. I understand your worry ... it is not easy, especially that first check up. Meditate, pray or do what keeps your soul well! xoxoxoxo big hug to you.

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