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CT scan results

Brenda Bricco
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He had is scan at 11:00 to get results at 1:15. It was so quick that when the doctor came in the room she had not seen the scan yet. She opens the report and sees that there is something different since his last scan on the left side of the liver so she opens the scan to see what they saw. She says..."hmmm, I wonder what that is.. it looks capsular". My heart sank and I felt that tingle that I felt when he was first dx. She picks up the phone and calls the doc that did the RFA and asked her what she thought it was. She said she was looking at it and "it looks procedural". At that point the liver surgeon goes "duh, I did that! I came in and did a biopsy when you were finished with the ablation".
Whew! So, the results are that the scan was good, nothing new anywhere and the tumor they zapped was gone. :) She wants to give him another month off since he is just 4 weeks out from the retum resection. The plan is to go back in a month, do another scan, hang out over night and if all is still good (trusting in my LORD that it will be) they will block
the blood flow off on the right side of liver preparing for resection about 3 weeks after.
I am so thankful for everything, even the acid reflux that is killing me right now. lol I think I got a little anxious yesterday because I was feeling sick in the car all the way home. We stopped twice to buy antacids, it was rough but it didn't keep me from being so thankful for all of my blessings. Something popped in my head today... do not worry, me worrying will not change anything. It might keep me from enjoying today but it will not keep anything bad from happening. So, I have decide to chill, not worry and expect only good things. God bless you all.

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Sounds like a good report. Sorry you are having such a time with the acid refulx. That can happen especially when you are under stress. Glad he is getting another month off of chemo too, especially since the holidays are coming up. Take this scan and be thankful on Thanksgiving :)


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Brenda, So happy that you got good news from your scan. I am going to try to take that lesson from you about not worrying as that is great advice so thank you. It sounds like we are on a similar schedule. My husband's liver resection is scheduled in 2 weeks. We just met with the surgeon but he didn't say anything about blocking off the blood flow...so I am confused about that. Can you tell me how and why they do that? Wishing more good things coming your way. Hugs, teri

Brenda Bricco
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Hi Teri, my husband is having his whole right side of his liver resected. The reason for blocking off the blood supply of the side that is gonna be removed is to send extra blood to the side that they want to keep (feeding it if you will). They want the remaining side to grow and be strong enough to do the job until the right side regenerates. That is in Brenda's terms. lol I am assuming your husband is not having a whole side removed. Thanks for the wishes and right back at you. I will be looking forward to hearing how everythig goes so keep us posted as often as you can. God's blessings!

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The surgeon told us that the lesions on the right are close to the surface so he will be able to just wedge them out and the left side will also have a wedge removed. It also depends on what he sees when he cuts him. It is all kind of scary thinking about it. Are you having this surgery at Sloan Kettering? It seems like many are going there. Thanks for the information and wishing you both the best. Please keep us posted when you can. You have been so helpful to me as my husband seems to need a similar treatment. Thanks and hugs, Teri

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So glad to hear the good news! What a relief to have another step completed. Enjoy the down time over the holidays!

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That is good news..hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day!

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That's wonderful news!


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Hi Brenda,

I'm glad to hear of the good news from the scan results! That's great!
Sorry you're having some issues, but maybe now it will subside as relief sets in and the stress fades away.

Hugs and prayers,

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I am happy to read about the good news. Your and my husband will be getting surgeries at about the same time. I am going to try to take you worrying advice. Lisa

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I am so glad you got good news and I'm going to try to adapt your attitude about worry because we are on our way this morning to meet with onc to go over Don's PET results which appear to be dastardly.

Thank you for this post. I'm memorizing your attitude and using it as a mantra.


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Hi Brenda, so glad the news was good. I know you guys have been really worried.
I agree with you that worry will not change anything. But it is hard to get it out
of your mind. I like to remember that "today is the tomorrow that you worried about
yesterday, and all is well".
Will be thinking about you and hope that you have a great Thanksgiving. Brenda

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