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Posting a hello

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Just wanted to post a hello

I am the primary caregiver for my partner with stage 4a cervical cancer. She was diagnosed in March and we have gone through chemo, radiation and internal radiation. She is also in Renal failure due to the cancer pinching her tubes. She has a stint in each kidney but not too sure if it's helping as her kidney funtion is very low still. We find out on Friday if the cancer is gone or if it's still hanging about. She also has a hole in her bladder from the cancer that makes her incontinant so she has to wear a diaper. She's very young for this at 38 but cancer does discrimanate age does it? We have 5 children between us ranging from 19 to 7. So it's a very busy household. I am also the primary bread winner so I'm tired!


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Hi Jenn! My partner has large cell neuro endocrine carcinoma, diagnosed in November 2009. It keeps coming back and we keep getting treatment. I wonder how your test results went and how your family is holding up. Know that I am sending good love and energy your way!

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Well we got a NED on Friday! So this makes me very happy!!

We do have a great family. They fully understand what's going on with Tasha and help as much as they can. It's been a very hard road for the kids especially seeing her so very sick, but she is starting to get stronger day by day and it makes them happy especially the little one cause she can't wait for Tasha and her to be able to wrestle again!

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