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Hello everyone. My mom has just been given her diagnosis of what sounds like a very aggressive lung cancer. She just beat breast cancer last February (diagnosed early, pet scan showed nothing), so now she has a very large tumor on her right lung with what appears to be mets on her right lung and lymph node involvement bilaterally. She has her biopsy on Friday and pet scan today. I am wondering, with all of you and your experiences, have you seen your local oncologists, or have you gone to a major cancer center (I am in Texas, so am considering MD Anderson), and what are your thoughts as to what is better/best? Anyone have experience with San Antonio doctors, as that is where I live. She is in Florida, and I don't want her to go thru this alone, so am ready to move her here. Thank you for anything you can offer.


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    I have heard that MD Anderson is one of the best in the world. The biopsy where your mom is will let the doctors know what they are dealing with. Your mom's doctors can confer without your mom moving to your place if she okays a second opinion. My doctors were actually glad when I asked for a second opinion. They could send biopsy pictures and reports of all scans to the doctors at the clinic I wanted to confer with and I could either wait for their report or go and talk with the surgeons. There were many options after that first second opinion. I could stay where I was for surgery. I could get the university clinic's recommendation and take action either on surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy either place in any combination. I ended up going to the university clinic that gave me my second opinion. It was farther to drive but they impressed me that much.

    Note that there are many kinds of biopsies. Some are day surgeries and some are major surgeries. I hope your mom is having one of the easier types and finds out if she is dealing with lung cancer or stage 4 breast cancer. I had breast cancer first and found out only after microgenetic testing that my spot on my lung was lung cancer--quite different than the stage 4 breast cancer the surgeon thought I had. I was glad I was at a university clinic that understood the difference. Good luck with your situation!
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    Sorry to hear about your mother and her dx. But glad she has you on her team! I live on the east coast but there are good cancer centers all across the country. If I lived close to MD Anderson, I would be there. Or if my cancer required alot of specialty treatment or was extremely complicated, I would try to be there. Are you thinking on having your mother come live with you while she is in treatment? That is a wonderful and caring suggestion and hopefully you have thought this thru. I too have experienced breast cancer, early stage, 2 months later had a lobectomy on my right lung. Two different cancers! Much better prognosis. The biopsy will be able to give more info as to what treatment plan is available to your mother. Praying for the best! Stay strong and post whenever you need to. This board is a wonderful place to get info and support. There is also a chat room you can visit. God bless. Cheryl
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    MD Anderson
    natphilip - MDA is definitely top 5 for lung cancer treatment. i went there for my third opinion; i was dx in july this year with stage 4 ncslc. i live in dallas so i went to UT Southwestern and their treatment plan was chemo every 3 weeks. then as i was about to go to my appt at MDA my dr from UTS called and said that i qualified to take tarceva! that was the best news :) i went on to MDA to get their opinion too (can't have too many) and they suggested tarceva as well; so naturally i am being treated here in dallas vs. 4.5 hour drive to houston, but my husband and i were ready to go to MDA for treatments. God bless your mom! Good luck to you.

    Ps. after 2 months on tarceva, my tumors are shrinking and there is less swelling in my brain! Thank you Lord!!