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Hi Everyone,
I will be starting a new course of chemo in a few days this time, for the first time with xeloda, 8 pills a day .. I have never taken chemo in pill form and have not heard great things from friends that have (side effect wise), the Dr. said that's how this drug is taken... so..... if anyone can share what I can anticipate... please let me know , I can deal with most any side effects , I just prefer to not be surprised !!

Thanks in advance

larry (trspitfire)

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I took Xeloda while going through radiation. There is lots of stuff that has much worse side effects. I did not even feel fatigued until near the end and I had no way of telling if it was from the chemo or the radiation. I think perhaps both. Fatigue was the worst side effect I suffered - your mileage may vary :)

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Hi Larry,
I just finished up a regimen called xelox. I'd start with an infusion of oxaliplatin. That same day, I'd start taking xeloda twice a day for 2 weeks and then be given 1 week off. I did 8 cycles.It is sometimes hard to tell which drug is causing which side effect. I believe, for me, that xeloda was pretty mild. The only side effect that I had from the xeloda was peeling palms of both my hands and feet. This is known as hand-and-foot syndrome. I also watched my folic acid intake. Folic acid is known to increase side effects. This is my experience. Everyone is different. I'm sure others will chime in with their experiences.

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after my first liver resection I took xeloda alone and tolerated it fairly well.....

some stomach and digestive issues....deep abdominal pain....

after my second liver resection I too did xelox and i think it was the oxy that gave the most side effects

generally people here have tolerated xeloda fairly well I think.

best of luck with it....


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Xeloda was great for me, no side effects, not even tummy aches with that one. It was just remembering to take the pills every time on time was my issue with them, but family kept after me and I managed to keep up with them.
Winter Marie

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For me it was easy. Didn't have upset stomach or anything. The radiation is what got me down and tired. Hope you fair as well with it.


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Hi Larry, I am on the same routine. i have almost no side effects. A bit of diarreha (s?)on the week i am off of it. i just take immodium for that. I have no hand and foot syndrome. A little fatique. all and all it is not bad at all.
Good Luck,

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I sm just starting today the 5 cycle of chemo
with xeloda and oxaliplatin, try to eat something
light and drink before you get the 4 pills, I have sometimes
diarrea and fatigue, it dipends on the day

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