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I need someone with a paralyzed larnyx, and throat cancer to answer some questions?

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I just came from teh docs today, good news the cancer is gone, and he said it looks permanetly gone...the bad side, he has it in his head I need to have a trach or somesort of airwave in my throat for extra oxygen, I have live wihout my trach for nearly a year, yes i get tired, and it's hard a night to sleep but i have water and a humidifier bymy bedside. This is not what I want to hear or even procede in, Cancer took enough of me and I trying to keep myself as normal as possible, I work a few days a week, and on dissability for the rest, is there someone out there that has a paralysis of the larynx, and if they have by pass any additional devices to healp them breath.....I appreicate it, the Doc scared me by stating if i catch a cold or flu I would clog and quit breathing...Nice Hugh? Thanks for you help, I was having a great day

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hi Dennis, how did this turn out. I am going through the same thing right now.  I have a bilateral vocal cord paralysis, both cords are stuck closed and I have a trache so I can breathe. On ENT says to wait a year before they try any surgery because there is a very slight chance it will heal. I can swallow ok but my voice is quiet and squeaky.

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Dennis, my right vocal cord is paralyzed and the ENT says most likely it will be for life.  The good news is that it is paralyzed closed  and my left one is working so i have a voice and can be understood and it doesn't really interfere with my breathing (although I haven't started running again but will now that the weather is getting nicer).

I don't know the difference between paralyzed larynx and only the vocal cords (i know the vocal cord is part of the larynx) but I haven't had the issues you are experiencing.   When i was first diagnosed my vocal cord was paralyzed open but for some reason it closed during treatment which was a blessing.


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I know how you feel and I feel the exact way! We've been through enough and just want sum semblance of a normal life. That being said I have a paralyzed vocal cord and the other one barely works. I also had a trach for a year or so but had it pulled and my feeding tube pulled because I just wanted to get back to me or somewhat who I was and I know I will never be that person again, but we move on and charge forward. Any how sorry to babble , but I also had a sleep study done for poor sleep, so now I have a Cpap machine that forces air down my throat to sleep at night anyway. I know that is not the answer you want, but it might help you breath at night and get better sleep without a trach. I know they are no fun and I feel for you. I hope you can avoid it as long as you can. I'm praying for you cause I've been there and had a Dr talk me into a trach I didn't want! God bless and you are in my thoughts and prayers tonight : )

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Hi guys,

This is an older thread by Dennis and he may not see it.  The last time he was online was February 2, so he does check in occasionally.  If you send him a PM he will see it next time he logs on.  Additionally, you may receive more response from starting a new thread.

Best of luck,


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