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Very confused! Went in to ER today for unrelated pain had CT shows possible mass.

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I went to ER today for ovarian pain. They did contrast CT and just happened to find possible mass on left lower kidney. I am very confused by the possible mass part. They did urine test it was fine but they said this texture on my kidney may be mass or could be infection. They put me on antibiotics and wants to rescan in 3 weeks to see if it cleared up. I though contrast CT was pretty clear. How can they not know if it is mass or infection? I have no symptoms of infection what so ever. However last month routine labs showed high creatin levels but doc said we would retest. I am very confused. I take BP medicine with a water pill because of retention have been on it for a couple years. Anyone have any advise? I can not help but wonder if it is kidney cancer.

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I would follow thru to establish what this mass is all about,but at the same time nobody here is qualified to know what is wrong,I hope it is something like an infection,at the same time maybe try to be thankful at least your medical team has spotted this.Good luck try to let us know the outcome if you would be ok with that.

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Hopefully it is just something minor and not Kidney Cancer. However as I have found being a 9 year survivor the words Kidney Cancer ( the bark) are more often worse than the bite (having Kidney Cancer). Most of the time especially if caught early Kidney Cancer is 100% curable although the surgery is not fun. So if it does turn out to be Kidney Cancer you will find a lot of support from people on this board who have been through this and when those awful words were first heard by them were just as scared of the unknown as you are now. Things do get better.

Best wishes,


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Has the information gone back to either your Primary Care or Gyno? If not, get them involved, so you have another set of eyes looking at the data. Also ask for a copy of the Radiologist's detailed report, but have one of your doctors there to go over it with you.

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Yes my primary called me tonight. She said the radiologist can not determine if mass or infection at this time. She said my urine was clear but that they needed to send off for a culture to see if any growth. She told me to take the antibiotic and come back to her in 2wks to do another urine test and then schedule the cat scan to recheck it. I asked her what if the cat scan still can not tell she said they would then do an MRI. This sounds nuts to me. They did the contrast CT so how can they not see a mass? I have no signs of infection no fever no burning nothing. The only reason I went to ER was I thought my appendix was going to burst but it was a cyst on my ovarie. Nothing major just found this by chance. My labs today was all good. I had one bad lab last month that showed my creatin level was really high but today they said it was ok. Very confused and not sure I should wait 3 weeks if it is a true mass but I guess my doctor and the radiologist know what they are doing.

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You did have blood work - was there an elevated white count? 2 - 3 weeks might seem like an eternity, but it's actually not that long. Stay busy, stay positive and take the antibiotics as prescribed. Do be sure to get back and let us know how the next visit goes. As you had pain, an infection is certainly possible.

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My left kidney mass was found while I was having an US for pelvic/abdominal pain. My urine was good, cytology good. I did have a urinalysis before the ultrasound since I've been prone to getting UTIs all my life. My CT with contrast was also inconclusive, what confirmed it was an MRI with contrast. I lost my left kidney in June, and still had that nagging abdominal/pelvic pain in Oct. I switched gynos, my last one yanked me around for almost 2 yrs, saying you have an ovarian cyst and never wanted to do anything about it. My new gyno removed my right ovary and fallopian tube, both of which had cysts, AND my appendix which was quite rigid. I'm hoping antibiotics do the trick for you. The only thing I can say is be grateful you had the pain which lead to seeing something not right on your kidney. I know that might not seem like a blessing, but in my case if I hadn't persued my pain, my mass would never have been found. But again, I hope for the best for you. I know NOTHING you will ever hear in your life will be as shocking as what you've already heard. Hope all goes well, keep us posted, this is a great place to share thoughts and concerns

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You may not be on this site anymore, but I just wanted to tell you how comforting I found your "bark" and "bite" comparison.  I have a 2cm mass in my right ureter.  A month ago they tried to get a biopsy, but could only get a scrape, which showed A-typical cells.  I now have a stent in, and next Tuesday will have another cystoscopy and they should be able to get a bigger piece to biospy.  I'm also having a pyelogram retograde ureteroscopy.  After they get the results of those tests, another surgery will be set to remove the tumor.  Two urologists have told me they think it is cancer.  My biggest fear is that the doctor said if the tumor is in the middle of the ureter, they will have to remove the kidney too.  Because of scar tissue, I am not a good candidate for robotic or laproscopic surgery.  I am very nervous and afraid.  I am going to try to remember your words that "things do get better."  God bless you.  Marie

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