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Just Had Colonoscopy, Concerned..

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I am 29 yo male in basically good health. I had rectal bleeding for about 3 days when I went number 2 over a year ago, and it was suggested I have a colonoscopy. The doctor gave me a cream to use externally, and some supposotories, and the the bleeding has never come back, and I finally got around to having my colonoscopy done yesterday. The test went fine, but I am confused and worried about the results. Here are the findings: digital rectal exam revealed a less than 1 cm (diameter) firm rectal mass palpated 5 to 6 cm from the anal verge. The mass was non-circumferential and located predominately at the anterior bowel wall. Digital rectal exam revealed a less than 1cm (diameter) rubbery textured anal mass palpated 2 to 3 cm from the anal verge. The mass was non-circumferential and located predominately at the right bowel wall. The exam was otherwise normal throughout the examined colon. My question is, I do not think they did not do a biopsy during the test because the box was not checked on my discharge papers. I am supposed to return in 2 weeks. The doctor I think said I will need another procedure to remove one of the masses, but he did not seem concerned, should I be? I didn't really grasp what he was saying too much as I was still recovering from the sedation. Wouldn't they have done a biopsy if there was concern for cancer with those two masses? Might they just be benign, and just need to come out? Thanks in advance for any comments!

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You might want to call your doctor to discuss concerns further.

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Hello and welcome, I'm sorry you had to find us. Yes they could take a biopsy at the same time as the colonoscopy and I don't know why they didn't. I had a colonoscopy and 3 polyps removed, along with a biopsy of the anal cancer at the anal verge.

The anal canal is about 4 inches long and beyond that is the rectum. One of my polyps was a rectal polyp which was pre cancerous, so I have to have a colonoscopy every 3 years. Like Mix said you should call your dr with these questions. Another thing, is if this were to be a cancer, more than likely it has been found very early, and would be very treatable.

I wish you well, and keep us posted. Lori

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I was told I would need to see a surgeon. At least they did a biopsy when the colonoscopy was performed. I think we all would agree you need a biopsy but probably no surgical procedure beyond that until you determined if it is cancer and what the best course of treatment is for it. Then get to a good cancer center. Two doctors, the Gastrointestinologist and my internist told me to have surgery and they were both wrong. My first biopsy indicated the tumor was much larger than it actually was also. Until you get to the right doctors and treatment facility, just get a biopsy and take one step at a time. That's my feeling.
All the best,

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I'm sorry that you got some results on your colonoscopy that are suspicious. My best advice is to get any and all masses removed by a colorectal specialist for biopsy. You can not take a chance with these. My internist did a digital rectal exam on me and proclaimed that I had a bleeding hemorrhoid--which turned out to be anal cancer. Please insist that these be biopsied! Please let us know what you find out. I wish you the very best!

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What Martha said.

(Seems like I type that a lot. She's a pretty smart cookie.)

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I agree with everyone! Take no chances & get a second opinion. I don't know why they didn't biopsy. When the docs found my tumor I was whisked away to a hospital & biopsy performed during colonoscopy. They told me before the results came back they were pretty sure it was cancer. They suspected colon rectal & were surprised when it came back anal cancer. But my tumor was large and very aggressive. Don't accept the word mass from your doctors demand to know exactly what it is! Good luck & let us know what happens!

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RonMky...agree with others here! Also suggest you list all questions very clearly and concisely, make two copies...one for you and one for you physician and take them to your appt. Get all your questions answered. Do you fear anal cancer? There are some risk factors related to this diagnosis and perhaps if you may be at risk...discuss this with the physician. I agree with Martha...our best option is to see a colo rectal surgeon/specialist for evaluation if there is suspicion of an anal, rectal or colon mass.

Seems they would do a biopsy if there was an obvious mass...however the best person to answer these questions is you physician. If u are not satisfied with the explanation or do not have full confidence in your doctor ... Get another opinion ... Quickly. Best wishes ... Let us know how things unfold. Take care!

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