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IS There any significance to the rate of PSA decline? IS it better to have a slow decline or a rapid decline.
MY monthly declines are in the slow phase --example> one month-0.66 next month 0.62 I have several declines of this magnitude.
THanks to all for answering--appreciate it.

Ead Hopeful

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Hey, Rad

My radiologist has told me that the faster the decline the better, but that was within the context of initial readings after a mono-treatment of radiation. As I recall, you are also taking Firmagon as part of your post IMRT treatment. I would imagine that both the HT and radiation are having an effect on the PSA production but I would think it's impossible to determine which is caused by what.

In any event, you are at the very low levels of PSA readings that are typical of reaching a nadir so typically the PSA drops quickly at first then the rate of decline gradually slows as you reach the nadir point.

I don't think you can draw any solid conclusions until after you have stopped your hormone therapy.

Hope this helps a little. The good news is that your PSA is still heading in the right direction.


Posts: 218
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You are on target-- I'm getting monthly shots of FIRMAGON & initially I had a tremendous drop from 53.99 in December of 2010 to 17.87 in January of 2011. Now I"m at 0.62 in November of 2011.

Thanks for your reply--appreciate it

Rad Hopeful

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