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What Should I Expect?

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Hello everyone hope everyone is feeling well!

I have my first appointment with Radiation Therapy on November 29th

Is it me or was everyone?
They said at my appt, they are going to insert 'seeds' vaginally and then do a CT to see markers but these seeds will stay in as they told me told . Is this something that everythone goes though but no one speaks of? I would like for at least some feadback on what is going to be done because it sounds really weird uhg! And they (radiation therapy) told me I could not have a female tech ( I am massively shy here) because the only female resident they have is very busy and they do not have an opening for her is over 3 weeks and I need to have to get this part done so I can get started.
On November 30th I go to the clinic to set up the dates to get my chemo started.

I am so very frustrated because these appointments were supposed to have these done by now but they have called and resheduled both 2 times.

They want to do 3 weeks of chemo (1 day a week) because it so strong my body will only handle this dose one day she said? I know it is going to be taxol/carbo and then 7 weeks of radiation (4 day exteral 1 day internal)each week then another 3 weeks of chemo then so on for 6 months the doctor said when treatment is over I will feel like a wet rag for sure!

They told me they thought they had the cancer early and nothing to worry about so they dragged their feet with my hyst. so went in on 10/11 and came out and path came out and found out I am stage 3c grade 2 and yep in lymph nodes and they said maybe we should take you off your iron and I have had to have 6 transfusions since my surgery and the damn doctors are not trying to find out where it is going? Am I wrong for worring and being angry? Sorry to rammble once again but I value your opinions here with you guys!!!



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I remember having the brachywhatever they call it in radiation therapy. Since this cancer decided to manifest itself in a delicate place I had to decide a long time ago to forget about being shy. I know it is hard when you are having to have treatment in a place that you would rather stay covered up. If it makes you feel any better the technicians see many patients each day. I think they get pretty used to seeing the parts of peoples bodies that are not normally seen.
Remembering the part when they inserted the seeds when they said it will pinch it did kind of sting for a moment. Nor really badly. I used the breathing technique I learned in childbirth classes. Focus on the wall or something and count your breaths. The sting doesn't last long.
My diagnosis was also IIIC Stage 2. I am going for my 1 year 9 month check up tomorrow. So far all is well. Am feeling fine.

Hope the doctors find out soon why you need all those tranfusions. Keep posting and sharing. I think this is a great place to get feed-back and support.

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I had brachytherapy and not seeds. I've good things about the seeds though. In every surgery I have had I have always had a male nurse. They get use to it. I was looped out after the big hipec surgery and called my nurse "man Nurse." Come here man nurse, where are you man nurse, I can't find this man nurse. I am sure he got tired of me calling him that but I have no recollection. The worse is when I said I hated my daughter's cat.

If you are unhappy with your Doctor it is perfectly OK to change. You should feel better after seeing the Doctor, not worse. I'd give it one more time and then talk to him. Surgeons are not good at communicating

I agree, ask him about the blood transfusion. It's time to be agressive and if you can't be bring someone along who can be.

It's a long haul; the race is won one step at a time and you can do it.

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See the problem with the doctors is they are "residents" and I did not get to choose my doctors because I am on Illinois Medicaid at this point because my husband lost his jog and was not able to find another yet so I needed to get some assistance. The gyn. that I first went to because of the bleeding since last december, was new to me he wanted to do a biopsy and he is the one who found the cancer. My original gyn doctor she said that my bleeding was just a side effect of the depo shots every three months that she was giving me because of the heavy bleeding I was having while off birth control. She would not even do the a biopsy and now even I cannot even get my medical records from her,


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