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Welcome to Hogwarts!!! A Primer for Newbies~ especially those not finding emotional support at home or with friends!!!

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January 22, 2010 - 8:33am

So many new ones have joined our family of Kindred Spirits lately~we sigh that you have had to find us, but of course welcome you with open ♥

You may have noticed, or even posted about the fact that many of our friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors just don't "get it" and make what seem to be ( and sometimes ARE!) insensitive, rude, and dismissive comments about us and how we look, etc.

You don't know me well, but if you hang around the boards long enough,you will notice 2 things about me~I "steal" quotes that I like and apply them to our lives regularly, and I also liken our lives to books/movies! Who knew we would be Stars?! :-) And today, we are friends and schoolmates with no less than Harry Potter and Hermione and the entire gang!

So~ welcome to CSN, also known as Hogwarts~ the boarding school for witches and wizards! Like you, we were truly surprised when we realized that we would be leaving the lives we had known to enter a place so strange and unknown to us. Upon arriving, we were shocked to see how many witches and wizards already live here~ we thought it would be a tiny place, and that we would be isolated and alone. But No! Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, along with a host of professors surrounded us. Though it was frightening being the new one, we looked to the upperclassmen, those graduating, wondering if we would ever survive the curriculum.

Eventually, we settled in, and made good friends with other witches and wizards! Turns out, it's alot like any old school, after all! We know who the smart ones are, the social butterflies, the competitive one, the shy ones, the troubled ones, etc. We come into "home room", say hello to everyone, and hang out with our friends!

Our aforementioned families/friends/coworkers who don't "get it" are, of course, The Muggles. It isn't their fault~they are not part of the Hogwart student body and they really don't know quite how to relate to us. They look at us through different eyes, they are a bit afraid of us, puzzled by changes they see in us, and they want us back the way we were BEFORE we were tapped by the faculty at Hogwarts. Some of our Muggle family members are proud of the achievements we make, and they don't mind meeting our classmates. But some...well, they distance themselves and can't bring themselves to stay connected . It is discouraging...

So, take your seat here at Hogwarts! Know that those here with you are very much like you in ways you never imagined. You are indeed different, but that doesn't make you any less valuable. Educate yourself while you are here,and join in with the extra-curricular activities ! We exchange holiday ornaments, we celebrate birthdays, we visit each other, and most of all, we communicate and connect in important, life-long ways.

Oh, and feel free to borrow the notes and books you find here~ we are all willing to share what we learned in the previous semesters!! Asking questions and copying is actually encouraged!


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I was asked by someone to re-post this for the newbies joining us; it seems there are so many new family members lately. I hope it is still relevant~ I wrote it years ago in the midst of Harry Potter fever; the last movie of the series has come and gone. Nevertheless, I welcome all of you to a place you never envisioned~ may you find strength and courage here!

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What can I say....? This explains it so well....I've been on this board going on 3 years...don't remember ever reading this...perhaps I did...if so,I'm claiming double chemo brain...and I've never read the first Harry Potter book...I know,I know...for shame! But again, it is so applicable to what we go through and endure...

Thanks for reposting.....and hoping you're feeling okay...this beast is a biotch!
Big hugs,Nancy

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You're welcome~ I am glad that it has found some listening ears ( or is that reading eyes?) although I am of course sorry it is even necessary at all!


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I guess I am now an old timer (lol), but I think I missed this. I love it! Thank you so much for posting this as we suddenly (unfortunately) have a lot of new posters.

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having been around awhile - although I do tend to read alot but don't share much (I'm sorry!) Sometimes I feel it's all been said and I get so very sad by the all the newbies- but I keep everyone in my prayers and this is the one place - I can be my real (usually quiet) self and know it's OK to be that way - I do feel a part, perhaps not so vocal but still praying and caring for and loving everyone very much!

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Love it Chen! Thanks so much - it's perfect!

I'm one of the "shy ones"....don't post a lot but read all of the posts. Like Jenny, I
pray and think of each and every one of you every day!


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I am glad that you and Jenny like it~ I am actually a shy one myself ( in person that is) I just like to write, and I find it an easy way for me to communicate and connect!


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This is the first time I have seen this also. But it is good..... a good way to describe our new lives, or or lives as we now live them, with surprises all the time.

Thanks for the re-post.

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"...with surprises all the time" I like that, Carol! I may just have to( ahem!) steal that phrase for another story! I am famous for doing that, you know! :-)

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Thanks for posting it. It was a pleasure to read and it put things into perspective.

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And loved it just as much this time as the first time I read it.
Thanks for re posting it even for us oldies because I had forgotten how cool it was.
Hope you are feeling better every day!

Frankie Shannon
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Hi Chen i loved your notes to bad we don't have the magic they all had what a perfect world we would live in if we zapped all our cancers away that would be ow some Hugs Frankie

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Well, that would be me - on here at least.

I was diagnosed in late January of this year and I quickly determined I needed a "code word" to identify people who were negative or insensitive or just plain stupid in their words or behavior. I call them platypus people. My husband has been absolutely wonderful and I told him if I said "platypus" to him about anyone that he needed to remove them from presence IMMEDIATELY.

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I don't think I read this before but I've only been on since early this year, and then there's chemo brain. 'Nuf siad! All the "newbies" need to know that on this board there's a lot of support and information. Glad you felt up to posting this again. Peace and prayers pink sister!

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I love that Melanie and I hope you don't mind if I steal it :-)? We have a neighbor who used to tell me a cancer horror story every time she saw me. Sensitive, huh?

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This is wonderful! Although I feel like I am surrounded by wonderful, supportive people, I find hope and strength in these boards and all of the pinks that are here!

I too am a looker and not so much of a poster, I'm working on that though! I feel like the ladies here are family, all so truly caring towards everybody here no matter where anyone is in their personal journey. That is a wonderful thing.

Love to all of you,

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Bumping this post up;our sweet Chen is losing her battle.  This was one of the first posts I was guided to when I joined after my wife's diagnosis.  Worth rereading.

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Thank You Hubby for bumping up this classic post written by our Chen.

It should be bumped up every 3 months so newbies can read these wonderful words of wisdom.



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Thank you 'Hubby' for finding this post - and soothing my broken heart ..    This is what our Chenheart is all about - love, support, and fueling our ACS - Breast Cancer Board for all.


Vicki Sam

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I am sort of new here, thank you for reposting. Beautiful words, from a beautiful heart. I hope Chen is not suffering, I hope she finds peace.



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I followed her to Hogwarts a mere 12 months later....


I posted this in my page on Facebook, as well....


Hugs, Kathi

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