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What were your symptoms prior to diagnosis?

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I had zero symptoms in march. Exercising and running pretty well. I'm 59 and had just told my wife that I was beginning to feel like I was in my 30's again..10 hours later I doubled over in pain and peeing blood. Radical nephrectomy a couple days later. 7.5 cm tumor. Stage 3. No warning at all.

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Just curious when you think back ,do you remember anything that seemed just a little out of the ordinary

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I had intermittent, sharp pain in front on my left below my ribcage for over two years. I had complained in Feb. 2009 about it to no avail. They always found blood in my urine and figured I had a UTI but I never had symptoms. Weeks before my diagnosis I had severe fatigue, heartburn, nausea, vomiting and mid back pain as well as swelling in my ankles. This went on for four weeks. I thought I had an ulcer. Blood work revealed nothing. My vigilant doctor ordered a CT scan and the rest is history. Stage 2 almost 9 cm.

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Yes I know the feeling about the subtle symptoms,I myself started feeling fatigued about a year ago.Sometimes when I think about it I could kick myself,because what I did was to consume lots of energy drinks.

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I had a killer back ache for over a year! Went to my doctor who sent me to physical therapy, put me on high doses of Ibuprofi, even Prozac! Then winter came and I caught a 'flu' that lasted for months! All I wanted to do was sleep! Finally I changed doctors, had an MRI to determine the cause of the back issue and that's when the kidney tumor was found.

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Sometimes I get upset for not going to see a doctor sooner,maybe I would still have two kidneys,then other times times I am relieved to have found out about the cancer when I did.

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Absolutely none. We had lost my father in-law and 6 others friends to rcc prior to my diagnosis in the ER following a motorcycle accident so I was very familiar with this disease. I thought hard about it then and since and could not think of one thing that I could call a symptom. Thank God for Harley Davidson and the guy that blew his leaves in the road on that curve.

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I was feeling tired and listeless for a year before they found the cancer. I kept complaining to my doctor who ran blood tests which always came back normal. I figured it must be old age creeping up on me. Other than that, no symptoms. It was caught early, thank God.

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to what I have been feeling....I have had flu like symptoms randomly and right now for the last year or two. I went to the Dr. months ago for my back hurting (kidney area) and he brushed it off as back pain not kidney pain since my urine (a quick dip test) looked fine. And he gave me muscle relaxers! Ugh

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Thinking back, the only symptom that I had was this horrible hip pain. It was almost like something was getting pinched, and it would come and go. We talked to my doctor afterwards, and he doesn't think it was related. However, the pain was gone after I had the kidney/tumor out. My hubby played around with the DVD that came with my original scan, and he said that you can totally see through slowly moving the direction of the scan that it was putting pressure on my hip.

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Minnesota Girl
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My cancer was found "by accident" on a CT for my colon. Like others, I remember feeling fatiqued, but figured that's just what happens when you pass the big 4-0. We know now that I had cancer for at least three years before the diagnosis. I had a hysterectomy and gall bladder surgery during those three years - all the time not knowing the cancer was there! A couple of times my urine tested positive for a kidney infection, although I had no other symptoms. I wonder now if that was the cancer talking...

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I had none...I have had lower back pain due to an MVA in 92, and I fell on ice about 2 yrs ago. I and doctors attributed the pain to that. No blood in urine. Mine was found accidentally while I complained for over a year about lower pelvic pain. Since June 2011, I've had a left nephrectomy, my right ovary out in Oct., and my appendix removed at the same time. No more pelvic pain, but I guess I should be thankful for that pain, or my kidney mass wouldn't have been "discovered"

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