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Can a PET be inaccurate for thyroid cancers

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Hi all: I had a PET several weeks ago which indicated a possible reoccurance in two more lymph nodes in my neck. The PET had been preceeded by an ultrasound which showed the same concerns.

My Tg levels are at about 4.5 - I had my last round of RAI last May...

AFter consulting with my endo and surgeon, we felt the best option was to remove the nodes, and possibly do external beam radiation.

However - the pathology report on all the nodes taken - he took about a dozen - was CLEAR. He is an extremely competent surgeon, and even had the nodes marked using ultrasound before my surgery to make sure he got exactly the right ones.

Naturally I'm really happy at this news, but of course have the lingering doubts.....was the scan wrong.....He believes that PET scans can give false reading for thyroid cancers.

Anyone have any advice? Feedback? Similar experiences? Love to do a happy dance right now........


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Hi Andrea~ I had a PET because of elevated Tg levels (mine were 4.7). The PET was preceeded by a year out scan and a mapping ultrasound (both were clean). The PET scan showed activity on my right vocal cord. However, because my left vocal is paralyzed, my ENT thought that this was normal. I also showed activity in my left ovary. I am scheduled for a pelvic ultrasound on the 22nd. The gyn thinks that it is probably just a cyst and nothing to worry about.

When I was first dx with thyroid cancer, I had a FNA on a nodule in my thyroid. The results were negative, but my ENT recommended removing half my thyroid (I ended up having a total TT with tumors on both sides) because he felt the nodule was so calcified that he did not get a good sample.

I am not sure that this helps you in any way? Take care~cheryl

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Every doctor I have seen regarding my cancer has said that PET scans are not 100% and have had me follow up with a biopsy. Unfortunately mine have all (4) been hurthle cell carcinoma.

I'd suggest being very proactive in following up, but for now a happy dance is definitely in order.

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Thanks. When I read the pathology report it stated that the nodes showed a condition called reactive hyperplasia. I've looked this up, and although the cells grow abnormally, its a benign condition.

I sat down with my endo/onco and mapped out the next few months. She is pleased with all the results - bloodwork etc, and will see my in April for a thorough check up.

Happy dance has been done!

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I am so happy for you and I am doing the happy dance for you. Glad to hear things are going your way.


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