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does fhis sound familiar

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Back in may my husband was hospitalized for shortness of breath--he could not walk 2 feet without being very short of breath-. Just to give you some history, he has breast cancer with mets to the bones. We also discovered that he had some nodules in his lungs and a cancerous nodule pressing against his trachea.He had a lot of fluid build up in lungs--pleural effusion. While my husband was in the hospital his dr told me that my husband was dodging bullits basically. He was so sick that he could not walk.
Also they put him in there to bring his pain under control So he left with dilaudid, percocet, and fentanyl. When he got out,we went to the dr and our onc told us that my husband cancer was slow growing.
They changed his med to Halaven- he seem to got better for 5 or six month. Now I am seein that he hurts when he coughs. His coughs are like "incomplete" for lack of word to express. He is starting to ache a lot, just before he went to the hospital. He seems to have a lot of nasal issues. The last appointment with onc was some wheezing. I guess I want to know is this commom in patients with lung issues? We haven't had a scan in about 5 months. Currently on halaven and avastin. thanks

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Hello JackieA....Sounds like 5 mo is too long to wait,even if it is a slow cancer.I would ask for a Pet scan to be done sooner than later.I would not jump to any conclusions until the scan is complete.Aches,nasal problems,maybe sinus issues...Talk to the doctors.....don't wait ......get it checked. Take Care, Kado.

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Curious as to why he is not getting scans every three months at this point unless, sadly, they have strong convictions about what the results will be. If nothing else, I would ask why this is the case and hang around until I got an answer that satisfied my curiousity.

Best wishes to your husband and his loved ones.

Take care,


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Right.... In the last couple of weeks he has gotten weaker. He has had this cough, and all of this nasal drainage (which I know chemo does that). He did have radiation to the base of the skull. Something with a trigeminal nerve. But I am concerned now because the shortness of breath is back. His chest hurts- he said it feels like something is sitting on it. It hurts to cough...but his cough is very weak. It is a struggle to cough. He told me his arm was hurting now. I am suspicious of that. However...his dr. does not know about any of these symptoms-he will not tell at all. For the last few days, he has been weak. He is on Halaven, and Halaven worked for about 5 or 6 months, but in the past month...it is not adding up. I wish I could talk to someone who has been through this. Thanks Joe.

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