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Amazing CA 125 results :)

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Tina Brown
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Hiya just thought I would stop by and let you all know my amazing news.

Been to see my Oncologist today for my CA 125 results. Last time the numbers were 991 and todsay it was 327 :) I could not believe it so my oncologist printed them out for me to see it in writing lol. This was my 3rd result and the numbers have dropped each time by 600. So now they are 327 will they drop another 600 after my next one ha ha lol. I have another 3 treatments and I am so hopeful that I may reach double figures by the time I am done.

This chemo - Topotecan is really doing its job for me. Thank goodness for chemotherapy - it is a magic drug for me.

Lots of love Tina xxxx

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Wow, that is fabulous Tina , mum has just started topo , she has hers for three weeks and then a week off, she had her second infusion today. I hope she gas the same results , keep up the good work xxx

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Hi Tina
That is fantastic news. A friend has just started Topotecan and told her about your results as the normal chemo does not seem to work for her.

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Well done Tina, great news and very encouraging. Went to see my Oncologist at Guy's yesterday and my CA125 level is creeping up again. Still, encouraged by your good news, all the best,


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Really happy for you Tina. Great news! :)

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I'm very happy for you.
Take good care,
AussieMaddie ((( )))

Best Friend
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Well, i am super happy for you. I was telling my mom at lunch on Friday that if the carbo/taxol stops working there are plenty of drugs they can try. I am sure i will be asking the doc about this one.

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FANTASTIC! Let's keep this roll going!

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I am so happy for you. So glad things are working out for the good. Keep us posted!

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this is really doing its job for you! Very encouraging for all of us! Please keep us posted!

You go girl,

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