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Home again

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Brought hubby home from the hospital today. They put the port operation off, will go back in next week as outpatient to have that put back in. I am told to watch the fluid build up, in case it increases quickly and he has to be drained again. He is so week, I wish they could somehow keep him from losing so much strength when he is in the hospital.
At home it is hard for me to know when to push him to get out of bed and when to know that he can't. I asked the dr today if there was any medical reason that he should stay in bed. She said no, just weakness and that I should try and get him up and stick close. Physical therapist will come, but they stay 45 minutes, 3 times a week.
After being admitted into the hospital 3 different times since Oct 1, I think he is a little scared to be home.
Today is out 43rd anniversary. I feel so blessed that he is still with me.
Good to have him home again.
Thanks for letting me talk....Brenda

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What a wonderful anniversary present!

Am so sorry that life has been so hard the past month. It must be overwhelming at times. Hoping that the docs get on top of your husband's condition so he can stop having these crises.

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I'm glad your husband came home today, Happy Anniversary too. I'm sure you'd both rather be out for dinner but that can wait. I know you've run into a few issues with his care and sort of being new to this strange world. I do know that hospital stays are rarely restful so it's no surprise that he's weak from it. Unless his doctor said otherwise, walking is one of the best things that he could be doing. It really does help one heal faster and speed up their recovery.

When the physical therapist (PT) visits, ask how YOU can help with his recovery. My 92 year old Mom has trouble walking so when she does walk, we often help support her by grabbing the back of her pants and that helps to steady her. I'm sure the PT can help you help him.

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Phil, that is a good idea, I will watch the exercises when the PT comes. Hubby is only 68 and was in forestry for so many years, it is hard to watch him having problems just walking. He is doing well with the walker, so hope he continues to improve.

Cant believe your mom is 92, she is lucky to have you help her. Take care, Brenda

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Wow, 43 years, that's surely something to be proud of. I'm glad to hear that your hubby is home. I pray for no more difficulties and that a speedy recovery is right around the corner.
I suggest that you mimic the physical therapist. I believe he/she will know what is best.

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Thanks Karen, Phil suggested I watch the PT as well. Thanks for the well wishes, Brenda

Brenda Bricco
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Oh Brenda, I am so happy you are home. I understand what it is like to want nothing more than to go home and being afraid of something going bad while you are there all at the same time. That is exactly how I felt after many months in the hospital.
As far as when to get him up and going... I want to suggest that you listen to your heart, 43 years is a long time, no one knows him like you do. ;) Congrats! and may GOD bless you. :)

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Hi Brenda, thanks for the well wishes. Was wondering how you are and if your husband was able to do without the catheter yet. I had read your post that he still had it after the
surgery. Hoping the best for you, Brenda

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I'm so glad he's home. Also Happy Anniversary!!!!
As for getting him up to walk around. DO IT!!! No mamby bamby here. When you have surgery, one of the reasons they want you up and walking around is NUMBER 1 PNEUMONIA and NUMBER 2 WEAKNESS, it just allows you to become weaker the more you lay around. So get him up and walking, the more he walks the more strength he will have and less likely hood of getting pneumonia, the more he walks, the better he will feel. He has to do it, I hope that he will listen to you and do so, or else you are both going to have a harder time of it.
If you are worried about him falling, I'm not sure what resources you have where you live, but here you can go to the Gray Bears thrift shop and buy walkers cheaply, or you can go to a place that sells these things and usually rent one, or if you lived close to me I'd let you borrow mine, I used it the first week home from my three surgeries walking 2 blocks every day down our street, with the walker I was able to stop and sit on the darn thing to rest, then get up and keep walking, by the end of that week my strength was great and I was ready to clean house by the end of the next.
WALKING is IMPORTANT, please insist he does, it's for his own good, just keep telling him that when he says he doesn't want to.
Hugs to you both,
and here's to a quick recovery!!!
Winter Marie

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Thanks Marie, he is able to get around with the walker now. Still weak but I am trying
to get him to eat more, and I make sure he at least is sitting up in the den each day
and staying out of bed more. He is beginning to feel more comfortable now, and I am
beginning to relax a little as well. Of course he has another port put in next week and
more chemo, so we will see how that goes. Thanks so much, I hope you are doing well,

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Happy Anniversary! This is not the way you'd like to celebrate, I'm sure, but he's still here with you, and that's a good thing.


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"After being admitted into the hospital 3 different times since Oct 1, I think he is a little scared to be home."


Well, Brenda, you don't need me anymore:) LOL!

I had that happen to me when I was in the hospital for 3 of my 4 major's...I remember getting home and my wife going to work - and I was not in a good position to help myself, but we did not have anyone to help us while she worked.

I'm a "home kind of guy" and have always done anything and everything to get home. But during those times, I felt "safer" in the hospital and more comfortable in that little world than my own. If I needed care, I could get it in the hospital - at home, I had no one to turn to and had anything really gone too wrong, I would have been hung out to dry.

No doubt, your husband is feeling a similar feeling. It's cool. That's why I've said to you the hospital sux per say, but there is a level of comfort for the patient when help is a button push away with medical folks who can take care of it.

I remember driving home and the cars looked like rocket ships as they were speeding by - the world looked in fast motion and I just wanted her to pull over so I could slow the merry-go down.

It was the funniest feeling I could ever remember. Of course, I switched gears quick. But those majors, I needed care and my rectal surgery, we got home and went to ER less than 4 or 5 days as I was hurling bile and my new bowel had twisted. Went back to NPO and it unkinked after a seven day stay.

Well, I'm glad he's home....he'll get comfortable again and you will find the groove.

Take care/Craig

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Hi Craig, How is the book doing? I know you are right about the hospital-itis. After you
are sick so much and needing so much care, I know if must be scary to be "thrown out" and
on your own, (or with caregiver). He seems to be relaxing a little, I am watching to make
sure his abdomen doesn't start swelling again (I am scared of that). But I kinda know what to look for and will be alert to it. Still looking for the "groove!" Brenda

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Bringing him home will help him heal. Happy Anniversary.


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