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Spot Seen on Husband's Chest Exray

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My husband's doctor said there is a spot on my husband's lungs, and they are going to watch it to see if it grows. There is still a chance this ISN"T lung cancer right? He is a LONG time smoker. I am so worried. Thank you to anyone listening.

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Have him go get CT scan

PBJ Austin
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They found a large mass in my lung, about 7.3cm. Before the first of 3 biopsies they told me with great certainty it was cancer, but long story short it was just a bad infection. The infection gave me pneumonia and it destroyed my upper right lobe so the lobe was removed.

I cannot tell you with any certainty it is or is not cancer but if you are uncomfortable with waiting then do seek a second opinion. If it does turn out to be cancer please bear in mind that they can do a lot these days, especially if it's caught early. I know it's hard but please try to remain positive. Good luck.


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When my GP found a tiny spot on my lung during a routine x-ray, he sent me directly to a pulmonologist for biopsy, then an oncologist. All within 2 weeks. They all recognized that if it was small cell it could move fast. I am now NED> I would have the CAT and biopsy (if you can) asap. If it is nothing, well then at least you will know...
Bon Chance!

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Just an update on my hubby. He had a cat scan done and doc said spot has not changed nor grown in shape or size. They are still going to watch it, but they don't believe it is cancer. They told him sometimes people with Diabetes "get spots" on their lungs for some reason and they are "nothing." I'm hoping nothing changes. Thank you for listening.

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Glenna M
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So happy to hear that there has been no change in your husbands "spots".

Relax and enjoy the holidays and try not to think of these again. Are they going to rescan these on a regular schedule for a while to make sure there are no changes?

Stay well,

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Yes, they are supposed to be checking again in 3-6 months to keep an eye on it. He still smokes (and I have started again after quitting 10 years ago) and has tried everything to quit. We are both going to attempt to quit together after the holidays . Thank you for checking in on us Glenna!
Happy Holidays,

PBJ Austin
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Thanks for the update, I'm very happy for you. And good luck kicking the habit, you CAN DO IT!!


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I am happy that the spot has not changed. Just keep an eye on it. In july I had an Xray done and it showed a spot, followed by a CT scan. They told me they thought it could be from my breast cancer. I had breast cancer stage 2b back in 2008. In September the spot had doubled in size. I went for PET and then had breathing test done. dec 7, I had part of my lung removed. Yep...it is lung cancer! I went back on Dec 28 for them to recheck more nodes and install my port. At home resting now trying to recover before chemo. May I suggest that you and your dad do a search on the E-Cig in order to quit smoking. I was a pack a day smoker for 30 years. Have tried to quit several times and always went back. I tried the E-Cig in July and found I was smoking less and less. The first of September I decided that I did not need them anymore. I still use the E-Cig. They produce a vapor and you can get them with nicotine or without. I decided to get it with nicotine and do a step down in strength. 3 months without a cig is the longest I have every gone. I still would like one but I resist. I wish you luck with this....it is hard!
Happy New Year and God Bless!

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The good news is the spot has not changed. That is great. It must be very small or they would have biopsied it(over 1cm). If it does turn out to be something at least they are watching it and can catch it very early. Please, Please quit smoking. you may have dodged a bullet now but please don't tempt the fates. Best wishes and have a Happy and healthy New Year.


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