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Why is everyone so different?

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If everyone has colon cancer, why is everyone so different. Symptoms, meds, etc, etc.

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But differences include stage, location, size of tumor, type of carcinoma and location of metastasis (if any). Initial chemotherapy is usually FOLFOX or FOLFIRI, and that depends on which your treating oncologist prefers.

Would be easier if we were all the same though...

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No two feet smell the same, either! (just sayin')

Seriously, cancer cells all live by the same means (fermentation process),
but the cancer grows uncontrolled, since it's unable to take any instructions
from the brain/body as our normal cells. So the cancer gets into undetermined
areas, and causes damage by consuming space needed by our good cells.

It's all really very simple, but for some reason there is some sort of a
cloud that's been generated to make it appear as if it's a very complicated
problem that requires billions of trillions of dollars to research for a solution.

I personally doubt that "solution" will ever be found in our lifetime, if
it ever is at all. There's just too much money involved; too many people
that have built their life around "helping people fight cancer", to want
to give up the "fight".

Too cynical? Or too real?

We're all different, and cancer takes it's toll in different ways.

The one thing we have in common, is the compassion that comes
from knowing that each of us are all seeking life against the odds.

Best of health to you and yours,


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it refers to the area the cancer forms , not the specific genetic type of cancer.
our cancers even chsange in repsonse to chemo to survive.

it starts with our genes, dna.
the we add in our nuture, this includes diet, exercise, mental state, other cancer risk factors.

then we get crc.
when do we find it, how late or early.

do you have public or private insurance.
is the surgeon experienced ? how is he supported.
how specialised is your oncologist ? does she have access to the best drugs.

different hospitals, different countries.
different support environments.

great question.


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cancer,like CRC and almost every other week researchers somewhere on this planet come up with another gene or protein or pathway that may or may not influence the onset, spread or destruction of colorectal cancer and we haven't yet mentioned the so-called uniqueness of each of us, which, when added together, might give some explanation for why each of us may respond so differently to what seems to be identical treatment---our insides are not identical.......Can;t think of much else more complex than cancer, other than life itself.....

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Seems to me, how we are treated depends these factors:

Staging (I, II, III & IV)
Health at time of dx
Where exactly the tumor was found in the rectum or in the colon
If the tumor had metastisized
If radiation was needed
If a temporary ilestomy or permanent colostomy was needed
Tolerance/Reactions to chemo drugs
Administration of chemo drugs (IV, oral, port with continuous pump)
Surgery if needed (guessing most of us, if not all of us needed at least one surgery)
Voluntary enrollment in a clinical trial (standard of care + (possible) cutting edge meds)

Denominator is we all know how cancer turned our worlds upside down.

Take care,
Your Friend in California

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We are all human, why don't we all behave the same way?
We're unique, just like everyone else...
If they can figure that one out Gerry then they're really on to something!

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