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Sarcoma cancer took the life of my SIL

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Not even sure what kind of sarcoma cancer that it was. She was very private with her cancer and made sure not to dwell on it. I do know from her daughter that it was a very agressive and rare type. Her cancer started in the back of her leg as a small lump. From Sept. 2010 to mid Dec. it had grown the size of a basketball. They started radiation on it right away and it seemed to not affect its growth at all. Not long after the surgery to remove it they discovered cancer in her lungs. I assumed that it had mets to the lungs, but she never mentioned that it had. My SIL fought all the way until her last breath still waiting for that miracle to happen. She had such a strong faith base that she never gave up the hope for the miracle. I do know that she is no longer in pain and is at peace. If anyone has any idea what type of cancer that she had please reply to me. Thanks Susan

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Sounds like it could have been rhabdomyosarcoma. This is very rare in adults, but does occur. My 22 year old daughter was diagnosed last month. Very aggressive, but they are hopeful it will respond to the chemo. Did she have chemo to help shrink it first? Or just the radiation? My understanding of rhabdomyosarcoma it it usually involves chemo, surgery and radiation. I hate cancer.

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