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Just a quick question...

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Hi Everyone,
I frequent the Esophageal Cancer Forum on this site as my mother has T3N1M0 and just recently stumbled upon this one.
My question is I have a "Noduel" acutally I have three of them two small on the right and a large 3.5cm on the left. It has seemingly come about quite quickly, when first found it was quite small. It was a Resident in the hospital that found it and his Attending was amazed that he found it. I believe his response was "Wow Nice Catch". That was about two months ago and now the thing has grown to what I categorize a Large Noduel. Thyroid issues are no stranger to my family nor is cancer. However my Function Levels have always remained in the "normal" range. I have a biopsy next week and will find out all the nitty gritty details at that time, But just looking for other peoples experiences really. I am trying not to let the internet and my mind get the best of me. But to be honest I'm a bit worried.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and Be Well

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unfortunately, it seems that being in normal range on thyroid labs is not an indicator when it comes to cancer. my labs were always in range yet i ended up being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. even the labs very close to the time of diagnosis came in normal. turns out i had Hashimotos to boot. doesn't mean your nodules are cancerous but wanted you to be aware that TSH, for example, is not relevant when it comes to having nodules.

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My thyroid had a cancerous nodule and yet my tests and the functioning of my thyroid were completely normal. I was a competitive athlete doing exceptionally well and had no reason to believe I had cancer until a biopsy of the nodule was done.

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sTSH = 1.66 (Range .35 to 5)
T4 Free = 15 (Range 12-22)
Free T3 = 4.4 (Range 2.6 - 5.7)
Thyroglobulin 9.4 (Range 1.6 - 60)

Biopsy is another story. Good luck with everything... My Surgery for a total is in 5 days.

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And good luck to you too. My thyroidectomy was not as big a deal as my neck dissection. I hope it is easy going for you and you recover quickly.

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problem with labs is normal doesn't mean its actually your normal.

that is one of the major problems I have found with labs

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Me too! Always had normal levels up until the day they took out my thyroid. Never an indication of a problem except that for more than a year I had all the symptoms, kept pushing my PCP and then finally I palpated a tiny Nodule myself and insisted on a biopsy. My doctor sent me for an US and then a fine needle aspiration just to appease me. Ninety percent of nodes are non-cancerous you know. Well, lucky me! Too bad I don't have that much luck winning the lottery. On the plus side, my PCP never questions me about medical issues any more. I tell him what I need/want and he orders it for me. He refers to me as "Doc" even though I am not an MD, I just play one at work. All the work of an MD and none of the pay. Gotta do it for love or you will commit Harry Carry.
Blessings and best of luck,

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Thanks for all the responses...I guess only time will tell.

Take care

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