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New first post.

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I was recently diagnosed with cancer. had colonoscopy where the surgeon found a 3 cm tumour. will not be getting surgery as they think best chance is to do radiation and chemo. had MRI and scans, Nov 21 going in for Port, next day start with radiation then chemo. Must say I am worried/scared about the radiation on my skin as I have Lupus (SLE) and very sensitive skin.
I have been reading through the posts, how others have coped and it has helped a lot.
I have family support husband and daughter. don't know what I would do with them.

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Hello and welcome, sorry you had to find us. Could you tell me if you have been diagnosed with anal cancer. Anal cancer is treated with chemo/radiation, and has a very high cure rate. I wish you well, Lori.

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thank you for the welcome,
My surgeon calls it rectal cancer, Oncologists call it anal cancer. Are these cancers treated different.
Pleased to hear it has a high cure rate.
seems there is always somewhere to go, tests Dr appointments, had the simulation done with 2 tattoos one on each hip.
Were you admitted to hospital for your chemo.
I am having Mitomycin infusion then going home with a pump with 5 FU for 4 days, plus radiation every day. From what I have read some people are admitted to hospital for the chemo is that the norm in the States.

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Judging from your comments, I am betting that you have anal cancer. Rectal cancer is different and is treated with different types of chemo and procedures. Mito/5FU/Daily radiation is textbook treatment for anal cancer. I think for the chemo infusion, most people do not receive it as an in-patient. I had the day one and day 29 infusion of Mito in the oncology clinic and had the 5FU pump both rounds. It sounds like anal cancer and that your docs are following standard protocol. I wish you all the very best.

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Welcome! I was not in the hospital for any TREATMENT. I am now 27 days out and doing well. On Mondays I was given IV Cisplatin and all week minus Sat and Sun 5FU in the fanny pack, radiation every weekday. My cancer was just at or a little bit above the division from anal to rectal. (the verge??). Because it is squamous cell is treated totally as anal cancer. I had some rough days but am soooooooo much better now! There are people on this site who can figuratively hold your hand through this. I know they did mine! Sorry you have cancer but glad to have you here.

Lorie, feeling so much better!

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Hi, Also sorry you had to find us but you will find great support along with comfort, info, prayers, and humor if needed. Back in Jan. 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage3 Anal Cancer. My docs differed in calling it rectal/anal for a while also, then setteled on the Anal term as things got going. I had the port put in and scans like you. I also had a colostomy bag that at first frightened me, but came to help during the corse of treatment. I started chemo/radiation with two treatments of 5FU also. I was not hospitalized for the reason of chemo but did become severely anemic and kind of malnurished because I just could not eat so was later put in the hospital for blood transfusions and a nutrition supplement program. It turned out to be just what I needed. I know what you mean about always somewhere to go, the radiation is usually daily for 5-6wks!!!! On top of things my husband is also a cancer patient. Things do get tough but then they settle down...I am just waiting for a scan now to determine if I still need surgery, tho I feel pretty good, just a bit tired. You will find tons of great advice from people here but if you start to feel bombarded with too much info its also wise to take a break for a few days to digest things. Good luck to you, I will add your journey to my prayers. eihtak

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Like Martha said the treatment that you are having is the standard treatment for anal cancer. I also had the mito, and I only had the mito infusion on my 1st chemo day, and then the 96 hour 5FU pump on the 1st and 4th week, along with 30 radiation zaps.

My tumor was about 2.5 to 3 cms and was at the anal verge, right before the exit at the anal margin. Stage II NOMO. The anal canal is about 4 inches long and then it turns into the rectum.

I have read where some patients have been treated for chemo in the hospital, but they had other health issues and needed to be monitered closely.

You could ask exactly where the tumor is located and then you'll have a better idea. I completed treatment on 6-30-09 and I show no evidence of disease (NED). I feel better than I have in years. I wish you the best, and keep us posted. Lori

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Sorry you wound up here by so glad to hear from you. You will find having support and information will help you as you go through the treatments. I am less than three months out from last treatment. One thing to try to remember whatever happens is that "It's passing". One day you will feel better. If you are like many of us, you will feel better than you have in a long time. I for one, was very symptomatic and had no idea what was wrong with me. With each passing day, I marvel at how much better I am now than before treatment. Even in the area of bowel movements. My "new" anus is much better than the old one:-) And I am better in the urinary department - go figure!
All the best

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