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Lung Cancer from liver transplant

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My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer this year, three months after he received a liver transplant. Turned out that the donor had lung cancer at the time of his death and now my dad is living with lung cancer in his liver from the transplant. The doctors identifies the lung cancer to be aggressive and it had already grown into multiple tumor masses in his liver during the course of three months. The doctors says that my dad has less than 6 months to live. This is just so devastating since he could have lived much longer than that if he did not received the liver transplant.

At this point, they are not giving him any treatment. They said that since he just had a transplant and he is on immunosuppresants, it would do him more harm than good to give him chemo, radiation or cancer drugs.

Does anyone know of any cases similar to my dad's? Are there any treatment he can pursue? I just feel like there must be something he can try because he's till eating and walking like he normally would, although he does get fatigued easily.

Thank you so much for reading this. If you are also fighting cancer, best wishes to you and your family and stay strong.

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Hi, My husband has had a liver transplant about 12 years ago, and he does take immunosuppresants drug. He has cancer of the throat, is not from the transplant but from smoking/ But he has been taking cemo, and has had 35 rad treatments. He has a lot of set backs, he is a diabetic. But he is still fighting and has been now for almost a year. He has a track and a feeding tube that is the only way he gets any feeding in through the feeding tube. It has been a hard battle but we are still fight the fight!! Hope things goes good for your dad! Sue

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Getting cancer from a transplant sucks. That was one of my first questions to the doctor, "When I die, can I still donate my organs?" He said no, so I am taking the organ donor note off the drivers license.

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