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radical nephrectomy

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my husband was recently diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma they found the tumor by accident through a cat scan. on nov 1 2011 we went in for a radical left nephrectomy the
surgery went well the dr is confident that it was contained in the kidney and he got it all
the dr said no futher treatment is necessary. in the days following the surgery the procedure itself isnt what causing him pain and discomfort as much as the fact he is suffering with symptoms consisent with IBS we have tried enemas, milk of magnesia, drinking lots of fluids making him walk as much as he can we are now home but he is convinced that something is twisted up inside they took xrays and said his colon was distended and thats when they started the enemas he says he has feeling off fullness
and he cant eat food makes him nauseated he isnt passing any gas unless he is forces it
which causes him to strain and straining causes him pain i was wondering if any one else might have had this kind of problem with bowels or anything that he is describing

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You may be hurrying the solid food consumption.

With both of my open partial nephrectomys, I was only allowed a small amount of ice chips for about 4 days until I could pass gas and then liquid meals for a day or so before they would allow me to have solid food.

You have to allow your bowels to wake up or else solid food won't go through.

Hope the hub gets to feeling better and happy the surgery was a success!

Best wishes! Alan

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One of the side effects of the pain killers you take post surgery is constipation. Not fun a week after major abdominal surgery. I sure did not enjoy it. If that is the problem things will get better after a few days.

Best wishes,


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I was also constipated after surgery, kinda goes with the territory. When I over ate I felt HORRIBLE!!!! I had awful
stomach pains where I was cut, almost like my insides were being twisted. To this day, I can't over eat or I feel miserable. I used
Senna & Murilax after surgery. I also ate prunes and dried apricots. Also drink a ton of water, that will help.
I hope your hubby feels better soon!

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