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Mom's still draining after...

sleepless in jersey
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Mom had her other lung done with the talc (pleurocentesis) 2wks ago and every 2 days its pooring fluid out of her side where the drain was and they didn't stitch it closed. It gets so bad she has to change her clothes there drenched. We see the surgeon tomorrow and get a chest x-ray for follow-up. Every 2-3 days its drains like this and inbetween Mom cant breathe and is on oxygen, its even gotten to the poing she needs the oxygen in the shower.
Has anyone experienced this and what did they do? A friend suggested that putting a port in so she could empty it? Why is this happeneing? Is it that the cancer is getting worse and its the end stages like somebody said to me, but than again Onc did ct scan 2 1/2 wks ago and Onc said she wants to keep her on the Gemzar its working.
Moms doesn't have a good attitude anymore she doesn't trust her Doc's anymore, she's so tired, cant leave the house on oxygen and the drain is making a mess and she walks so gingerly that its just to much to do anything.
Any suggestions on what to say to the surgeon would be of great help!


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