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Someone asked me for a nice acid/alkaline reference chart. I like this one.

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Sorry, that I forgot who it was. Jazzy or Teth I think.

Anywho, charts vary some but you can get a good overall feel if you study a few.
In making decisions regarding your health, it's good to have the most information you can get. Few decisions are perfect, so just pick the one that appears to be the most perfect for you. Ask your doctor if you are in treatment, and if they say no to something you feel could help you, speak up and ask what they are basing that on or what their reasons are for telling you not to eat or do one thing or another.

This doesn't have to do with the above directly, but I have been both a real estate agent and an optometrist and in both you need a license and you absolutely must, must take a certain number of current classes to keep your license. It would be really great if our doctors would take some current classes on the latest in nutrition and cancer treatment. It would be so very refreshing if an oncologist, said you really shouldn't eat sugar at this time, or maybe you should eat sugar at this time because of the specific chemo you are taking. Hearing it doesn't really matter is so, I don't even know what. It makes me shake my head in disbelief though.

We all know cancer feeds on sugar, that is how a PET works, the radioactive part of what they inject into you is in a sugar solution, which is why they ask you not to eat prior to your PET, they want your little cancer cells real hungry to take up that sugar and then the radioactive fellows just go along for the ride. It does matter, it really, really does.


This was at the bottom of the above site and it just resonated with me.

Response to Skeptics:

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."
- Chinese Proverb

Not that any of you are skeptics, but I have run into some in my life who are.

I'm just saying.

In love and caring,


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I know I posted a request for a list, so possible ME. Anyway, when I look at this list it's amazing how it is different from what we're told to eat -- brown rice, legumes, cranberries, fish (watch mercury contented ones), oats, whole grains, olive oil, etc, etc. Now they're all listed in the ACID FORMING FOODS. Hum...so what you're telling us, get the ratio correct and we can enjoy some of these foods....right?

Now on the alkaline forming foods tons and tons of vegies and fruits....go for it is my thoughts. Also my beloved almonds which I now use and make my own almond butter (heck who needs peanuts especially since the prices of peanuts is going up and up) and smear on a whole grain bagel or toast and can't forget fresh ginger and cinnamon. At least my whey protein is on the list, as I partake of this twice per day with soy milk. Hum...where does soy milk come into the picture???

Would you mind sharing what you generally eat each day? Love to get more ideas from you.

Speaking of docs and suggesting options beside chemo drugs....well when I was beginning my first chemo infusion, asked my doc about supplements. Told me honestly, he doesn't know much about them, therefore, suggest I don't take many.....possibly stick with a simple multi and calcium. At least he was honest. After chemo he said GO FOR IT...take what you want now. Good friend is RN in oncology at UCLA, and she was my guide. Suggested whey protein which builds our bodies up, with lots and lots of fluids. Watch any antioxidants which interfere with chemo drugs.


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I am guessing that there can be a balance with the food.
For instance, if eating something that acid forming wit something else that is alkaline forming would be good, wouldn't it?

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Most suggestions that I've read are to maintain a ratio of 70 percent alkaline foods to 30 percent acidic.

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Good morning,

Fayard, I do what you're talking about, especially if something I've eaten is more on the acid side, I will try to correct -with, before or shortly after- with something very alkaline like lemon.

Jill, hey, that sounds great if you are fairly healthy, but if you are newly diagnosed it is best to strive, at least temporariyl for 20% acid and 80% alkaline, this should help your blood, which is very affected by acid, and slow down the division of cancer cells? especially if you cut way back on sugar also. Too much acid can in fact change the polarity of your blood cells and cause them to actually clump together, which makes it difficult for them to go into small capillaries. Bio is so fascinating. We really should be learning more about all this in school.

About balance again, few foods offer perfection, so one might want to soften the sugar taboo if one were trying the early morning grape attack to get the cancer cells to crave the sugar in the dark grape and take in the elagic acid, which knocks their socks off, too.

The most important thing is to figure out what it is you are trying to achieve and take the approach that best offers that end.

An example in addition to the grapes would be cottage cheese, a dairy product which is not recommended, but, which I do use with organic freshly ground flaxseed, as it is reported to help the body's ability to process it or they work together synergistically, it's been a while, at this point I remember to do it but have temporarily forgotten why as I just got up.

Love to you all, think we are doing very well considering the circumstances,


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I'm so hooked on these little pieces of yummie! I've learned to wash off the fresh ones and place in glass bowl in freezer. Boy are they good frozen...almost a delicacy. When I have a sweet attack pop a few in my mouth. Remember get the ones grown in US as imported on the bad side of the DIRTY DOZEN list.


About balance...yes I'm getting it, and feel better working on the side of 80/20 rule. Like living on the side of safety, especially when dealing with the devil...cancer!

Happy eating ladies!

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