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Still here...

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Contemplated some bad stuff in reference to the Folfiri, this stuff is nasty to me, no diarrhea at all, exactly the opposite and thinking that is part of my issue, along with the never ending reflex gag when I smell anything cooking. I am tired and sick almost everyday due to nausea and just plain old sick as a dog...and tomorrow we start again...I get a CT then go to Vandy the 28th to see whats what...We started this with a baseline of 67. Thought it was lower but nope...Mentally, I am fine...heads on straight and all thoughts about all of this are gathered, I'll check back in later....Love ya all.....Buzz

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Sorry to see that you are having such a hard time, but I am very happy to see you post.


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I don't remember what it is, but they add something to the mix to prevent the cramping that can be caused by Irinotecan. Whatever it is, it also causes constipation. With our ostomies, that can cause some painful elimination (square pegs and round holes kind of thing).

Ask the infusion nurse about it, maybe they can back off the dosage a bit.


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Yea, this chemo stuff is no fun, is it? My husband has more of the opposite problems with Folfiri as well. He started trying to remember to take a stool softener the morning of his treatment. When he did, things seemed to go a little more smoothly!

I don't know if it would help you, but for Jake, eating non-starchy foods all the time really helps with the nausea. For several days after his treatments, he would basically need to start the day with food going in his mouth. If we waited very long in the morning before he ate, the nausea would get ahead of him and he had a lot more trouble with it.

Hope that your body gets a little more acclimated to this treatment and you begin tolerating a little better. It is miserable feeling sick all of the time.

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I know this folfiri is a crap but works Buzz! just hang there , hope your docs find a solution to your issues!
Keep you in my prayers!

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Welcome back to the board but sorry you still aren't feeling well. Wish they could give you something to help. Hope you feel better soon.


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You were one of the first people I found on this board when I dropped in from out of the sky in August...glad to see you are back---in rough shape it sounds---but back.
It's good to "hear" your voice. You were missed.

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We missed you in Chicago, Buzz.

Folfiri busted me up just like it's doing to you...seems like you and I react the same way to it. I was sick like you all but 5-6 days of the month, so I know what a grind it is and how bad you're feeling.

I think it was Blake who mentioned a drug to help the cramping - I believe that is ATROPINE. That's what I was taking.

I'm glad you're mental outlook is good.

Take care, buddy

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I'm so sorry you're not feeling well but so glad you posted. I worry about you always! I pray things will start going easier for you the more treatments that go by. Take care of yourself and please keep us up on how you are progressing. Praying this will be effective treatment for you. You are always on my mind. Hang in there....

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<3 Keep on keepin' on! <3

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It's nice to see you back Buzz, we were all quite worried about you. Rick has the opposite problem, but it's still a balancing act between Miralax and Imodium. His suggestion - try drinking some apple cider before bedtime, it can help. Hugs, Cynthia

Fight for my love
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It's nice to see your post.Hope for the best result from CT.Take care.

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Glad to have you back and praying for better days ahead. Lisa

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Double post

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It is good to hear from you. I am sorry the chemo is causing such pain for you, I only hope it is doing what it needs to do and that the end justifies the means.

I hope that the Drs can come up with some solutions for you.

fcking cancer :(

Take care,

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Seeing your face has just brought a smile to my mine.
You've really been missed here. I hope things get better for you and soon.
I'm keeping you in my prayers.

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you would not let go of that rope.sorry you have been so sick..the oxy was bad on me in 2009.funny how we are all affected differently....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Glad to see you up, Clift. Sounds like a rough ride on the -IRI railroad. Let us know...

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It is always good to hear from you. Crap, that you are suffering so. I pray this round is a bit gentler. I hope and pray you get a break. You are a good man.


Brenda Bricco
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I think of you often Buzz... GOD bless you.

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That it's affecting you that way, dang it. Glad to see your face though there buddy.
Hoping it goes smoother. Thinking of you.
Winter Marie

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You are always strong and tough! Hang in there and hope things will get better soon!

Take good care!

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So glad to see the post. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away for all of us.
When we were Kids, a mothers kiss could make any auwie go away. That was magic.
Now we have tenacity, and a strong will to live and the friends and family on the board to keep us going.
Hang in there Clift. One day, one minute, one hour at a time.

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Very happy to see that handsome face again. So sorry the chemo is kickin' your butt. Guess you'll just have to kick back. Stay in touch when you can. We all love you.



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Hi Clift,

Sorry you've had such a time with the irinotecan. That stuff kicked me pretty hard too. No nausea meds helped me and I actually went out and got my medical mj card cause I was desperate. Used it once, then had a scan & my tumors had advanced, so off the irinotecan I went anyhow. I was always kind of paranoid about the mj, so I didn't ever use it again after I stopped the Folfiri/irinotecan. I had actually been on it quite awhile- it really did shrink my tumors for awhile. I hope and pray that your nausea has been worth it & that your tumors will show up having shrunken when you get the CT done.
Blessings to you- you definitely deserve some blessings after all you've been through this past year or so.


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Oh so sorry to hear that you are so sick. I too am on folfiri and I get pretty sick for about three days, they give me a shot of atropine so I don't get the cramping and runs. But I too get constipated, I started taking a stool softener on Tuesday and Wednesday before my Thursday treatment and it seems to help. Hope you feel better!

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Missed you, and glad you checked in. as for your side effects, so sorry you are having such a rough time. Hang on. prayers continue.

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your mind is strong and your body too. if your body needs a hand, then you know what i have tried, it may help.


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Love right back at you. My George is on the CPT-11 part of Folfori and I agree, it is much harder than the Folfox which he seemed to breeze thru. The odd part is it works, so just one day at a time.

Take care - Tina

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So good to see your face again:) I don't have much time now for the boards, but several times a day I click in to see if there is a post from you. You made my Monday! Sorry you are having such a time, but don't let go of that rope.


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I hope some adjustments, like pre-meds can be done. I'm on about the same. Take good care!!!

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ya take a lickin but keep on tickin.......steve

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Kenny H.
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We all need breaks from this board from time to time. Just dont stay away to long.
Hoping for better results from your next scan.

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