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im new :)

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Joined: Nov 2011

hi all just wanted to introduce myself because this is my first time posting. my name is erin and i was diagnosed stage IV last november. anyway i just wanted to say hi before i started posting and feel free to ask me any questions :)

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first of all feel so sorry for your diagnosis,but here you will find a family ready to help you in anything you may need!.

Pepe. Barcelona.

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Joined: Jul 2011

I'm glad you took the courage to write your first post. It will get easier and easier and soon you will be telling your closest family and friends very little and pouring your heart out to strangers. Lisa

I think if I showed your picture to my husband I could convince him to start reading and posting here.

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Me and you aren't "strangers" anymore - are we?


Erin, welcome aboard - I'll take a stab and say that you're the one on the left of the picture?


Posts: 428
Joined: Jul 2011

Craig I am officially adding you to my list of friends. You are with questionable company. Lisa

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Posts: 19
Joined: Nov 2011

yes im the one on the left :)

eringray's picture
Posts: 19
Joined: Nov 2011

thank you :)

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Joined: May 2011

You have joined a wonderful group of people. Lots of support and wisdom to be found here. So sorry to hear your diagnosis and wish that you didn't need to be here. Feel free to tell us as much or as little about yourself as you would like.

I am caregiver to my husband who was diagnosed with stage IV signet ring cell colon cancer in April. He is 58 and just completed six months of chemo--3 months of Folfox and 3 months of Folfiri. This is his second encounter with cancer as he had Hodgkin's disease when he was 24.

Again, welcome, and hope to see you around here frequently!

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Hi Erin,
Very sorry about your dx, but very happy you have found this site. It is full of treasures---and that is just the people. Oh, and the advice is priceless too.
Your Friend in California.

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Joined: Jan 2011

welcome to the board. Like the others said, there are a great group of people here. This board has helped keep me sane many times since my diagnosis this January. Sorry you have a reason to be here but thank God for this place to come and pour out your feelings to the only people who know exactly how you feel. I find great comfort here as I'm sure you will.


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Hi Erin,

I am sorry that you need to be here, but I am happy that you are!

I hope you are feeling well!

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join in on the welcome wagon.i was dx stage 4 in janurary welcome to the best support peeps ever...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Joined: Jun 2011

Hi Erin,
I must say you are very beautiful! I have been on the board since June of this year or should I say since my dx. I do find this site to help me. When i can't or just don't want to talk to family, I turn to this side of family who REALLY understands and are very good listeners! I am sorry that you have had to join us but just know that we are all here for you good or bad.


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So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. What treatments or surgeries have you gone through? Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Welcome to a wonderful group of people.


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Joined: Nov 2011

i was on folfiri and avastin for about a year and was recently put on xeloda and avastin for a holiday break :) also this month i have a consult for a HAI pump. im not eligible for surgery yet but hopefully the pump will get me there!

thank you everyone for the warm welcome :)

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Hi Erin, sorry your are here. You are way too young for this. But as everyone has said, we are glad you found us. The people are amazing and you can vent, get great information, and have a support group that will hold you up when you need it. They will make you laugh when you think you cant. and in turn you will end up doing the same for someone else. So hang on we are all here for you,
Hugs, Judy

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