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Sex Lubricant

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I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for sex lubricants.
I am looking for paraben, glycerin and silicon free.
My onco recommended me Astroglide.

Any thoughts?

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This is very timely....:) I had a hysterectomy for UPSC June 17th. As I've had prior pelvic radiation, my newly formed vaginal cuff was slow to heal. I only got the "green light" to have intercourse with my husband on my last visit on October 20.
Since I'm still having chemo, this is the first weekend that I felt like testing out my newly acquired "green light" status!
We used astroglide.......and it worked like a charm! LOL!
There was no discomfort and no bleeding, which was what I was concerned about after reading everything I've read on the internet!
I've decided I read too much........

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Just natural jojoba oil is my answer to just about any body lube need ;)

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Few others postings back showed a few ideas. Want to avoid anything with parabens and glycols as not good for us.

Olive oil (keeps our skin very hydrated as use it as moisturizer) is great and all natural, plus coconut oil and vitamin E capsule. Thinking yes to Astroglide as I've used it and very slick, but for some reason thinking it has some harsh ingredients in it...sorry but can't remember, snowbird seems to agree it's good.

Go to EWG.org and see if you can find ratings on the products we've suggested.

Linda P. suggested surgilube which can be purchased online.

Hope this helps...

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It does a very good job of lubricating. May you enjoy your experience with it.

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Just spoke to my onc yesterday about this (the parabens and butylene glycol often found in over the counter vaginal lubricants--ingredients that books warned us a decade ago should never be used even in facial care products because potentially carcinogenic!

She said that some patients use olive oil with no harmful side effects. I assume that's extra-virgin and organic. Has anyone tried it? (I was told to aim for NON-OIL BASED products in favor of water-based.)

And where to GET surgilube?


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You got it with the bad ingredients. Think about vitamin E and olive oil (I use extra-virgin)...I've used both. What I was told by my OB keep the vaginal area lubricated daily, therefore, I use these every morning right out of the shower. Think of it in terms of our skin...when it's dry it's stiff and rough, but when we apply moisturizer it's more pliable and moist and easier to move without pain. Key...keep the area moist all day.

Surgilube is on line, Google it, per Linda.


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I found a new-to-me lubricant that I like better than any other. Here is the web site:
I use both the applicators and the bottle. I personally find water-based lubricants to be less irritating than oils.
Here's to feeling good!

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I can't agree more - I LOVE this product. It has made such a difference to my dilating, which I sort of hated (still do, but it's better). I like the oil-based version. It even smells pleasant - I think it's the almond oil. I'm going to bring a couple samples to my oncologist for her reference. LOVE IT LOVE IT.

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Have tried extra-virgin (organic) olive oil at my onc's suggestion and it seems to feel good. When you suggest Vitamin E, do you mean by itself, or in conjunctin with the olive oil?
And when your OB told you to keep the "area' lubricated daily, did that mean external area or the vagina as well?


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Vitamin E is used in place of olive oil....use either/or, but I guess you could use them both. Whatever works for you as they're both "natural", knowing we consume them and put in our mouths, can't be bad for the lower area either.

Yes lubricate inside the vaginal area as that's what doesn't have the hormones and gest so dry. I had a gal speak with me last week who has breast cancer. Sheila told me just sitting in a chair the vaginal area hurts as so dry...wow! Luckily I'm not that bad, but in any case, suggested to her to keep the insides of vagina very moist.

Hope I answered your questions!

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I too am having a great problem with vaginal dryness. Had it before the surgery and its gotten worse with the radiation (vaginal cuff). Even when I lube up my dilator towards the end of my 10 minute sessions it gets difficult to withdraw it without it sticking on the way out. I am wondering what you gals use to insert the olive oil and is that the same olive oil I would buy down the baking isle at my local super market. Also with the Vitamin E
does that only come in capsules and how do you insert that in the vagina?

Thanks in advance for any help


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Although I have no problem with excessive dryness, I simply lubricate the dilator with organic, virgin olive oil. Never a problem, at least not yet.

Vitamin E I imagine is BEST used by pricking open a capsule of mixed tocopherols. (E also comes in bottles but can't imagine it's as fresh as the E you'd find inside a capsule.)

Does this make sense to anyone?

Keep a tissue nearby--whichever you use--to wipe off sticky hands during the process.

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