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colon cancer survior just dx. with stage 3 lung cancer

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I will be staring chemo and radiation on tuesday. I will be getting carboplatin and taxol. I know some of you have more than one cancer and have the differnt drugs. Just wondering what I might be able to expect. Please and thank you

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Hello, I'm so sorry for your dx. Is this a 2nd primary cancer or a metastasis. I had anal cancer, and then a year later a second primary lung cancer. I was fortunate that the lung nodule was caught early and was able to have a lower right lobe lobectomy, and no chemo or rads. Mine was a primary as it had no hpv, whereas, the anal cancer had hpv. I visit the inspire web site for lung cancer as there are many survivors and all the different stages are listed. I believe I have read where the chemo you are having shrinks the tumors. I hope you will visit inspire. I wish you well. Lori

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I'm thinking a secound primary because they said they can't be sure it came from the colon cancer.I only have one spot that showed up on the pet scan so am hoping that that is a good sign. For me when I'm at the drs. can't think of alot of questions but afterwards my head is flooded with them.I will try the inspire web page.Thank you.Barb

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Kenny H.
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Intresting. While being scanned for for any spreading to liver (had rectal tumor) they saw nodules on my lungs to though small. Getting a PET scan done in 3 weeks,

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