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new dx. of lung cancer

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Last week I was told that I have stage 3 lung cancer. I am going to start chemo and radiation Tuesday. I will be getting carboplatin and taxol.I am a surviver of colon cancer had that back in 2007. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect with the chemo i will be getting. Please and ty

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i too have lung cancer with COPD found begining of sept
small cell right lung lower 2/3rd
i have taken my 1st round of chemo wasnt to bad but i,m now just starting to lose my hair
i,m weak with breathing and on O2 24/7 not on any scrips for the cancer but on atavan .5 mg at night to help sleeping
I will be going to my next round of chemo the 15th of this month
i have had the carboplation little of a lose stool for 3 days never got a upset tummy but they gave me pills in hospital for that
been 14 days since i have had my 1st round and dont think it was too bad
but as with you i,m walking the same road
ive been with CSN over 10 years and have a web page here your welcome to read it
I dont know if i answered any of your? butyour welcome to ask anything to me and if i know i will tell you
we can beat this together jut walk with me
Hugs to you

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Thank you very much. your info is very much appreciated.

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Glenna M
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Hi nana, I am being treated with carbo/taxol for NSCLC recurrence. I had my first infusion 16 days ago and I have to admit I am surprised at how well I am feeling. NO nausea just some fatigue, I've lost my hair completely already but that's not a big deal. I won't complain about being bald if these drugs get rid of the cancer. My biggest problem now is my appetite, I'm trying to eat as much as I can to maintain my weight during treatment.

I was supposed to have my next treatment on the 10th of November but this had to be pushed back a week because they found out I have C-diff and they have me on antibiotics for that and they won't give you chemo while you have an active infection.

I received Cisplatin 2 years ago for the original lung cancer and have to admit that the carbo/taxol has been much easier on my system.

Hope you are tolerating treament and doing well.

Stay strong,

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Thank you very much. Hope you do well to.

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... but I did have Cisplatin+Etoposide with radiation about 1.5 years ago. Apart from losing my hair with the second Etoposide round, I really had nothing like a difficult side effect from the chemo. No nausea, etc.

Based on that and what Glenna said (carbo/taxol maybe not as tough as Cisplatin), I'd say you have a good chance of getting through the treatment in decent shape.

All the best, and take care of yourself!

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Thank you very much for sharing.

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I had 37 radiation treatments and six treatments of Carbo/taxol at the same time. I had no side effects at all. After the treatments my oncologist wanted to do 4 more treatments of carbo/taxol full dose. when you get the radiation and chemo at the same time you are only getting 1/3 of the taxol. After the third treatment of chemo full dose I developed a bad case of neuropathy so he didn't give me the last dose of chemo. I am on a drug called Gabapentin to deal with the neuropathy.

I also developed what's called Pneumonitis three months after the radiation. It's inflammation of the lung. It gives you shortness of breath. I am dealing with that now, No fun at all.

I also had fatigue real bad for about three weeks after the treatments.

If you would like more info please feel free to e-mail me.

Good luck with your treatments


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My Mother was diagnosed with stage IV in July (nsclc). She just completed her third round of chem - carboplaxin and altima. Her treatments are every 3 weeks (took a while to get the right diagnosis). Her reactions have been the same each time - day of treatment and next day feels fine, 3rd day feels nausea (never has thrown up), 4th day feels burning and nausea and 5th day same as 4th day. Then nausea starts to go away and is replaced with extreme tiredness for about 4 or 5 days. Then gets back to her old self- does one or two outings each day, reads, watches TV and visits with family and friends.

I think we are blessed (although she may disagree on days 3 - 5). Had a CT after 2nd treatment. Lymph nodes were somewhat smaller and no change in tumors in right lung. We hope the results will be even more promising after her 4th treatment.

Good luck - I hope your treatments go well for you.

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My husband has stage 4 lung cancer. He did well with the radiation and is on 3rd chemo and is handling it well. He has one more to go in Dec.
Fatigue and no appetite are the worst for him. The week before each treatment, he feels pretty good.
I wish good thngs for you

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