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Lung Cancer

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My father was diagnsosed with stage 4 lung cancer 4 months ago and given 12-14 months to live, boy were we ready for a horable journey. Today my dad went to his second chemo treatment and was told by his doctor that he no longer has any wheezing in his lungs, hello, great news. My brothers and I put my dad on a strict diet called the alkiline diet, its 80 percent plant based diet and 20 percent what u want but no sugar, sugar feeds cancer, anyone diagnosed with this please start the diet and just try it, I know its hard to beleive but what the heck do u have to lose? It works because Im seeing it work. You will lose a little weight but so what, my dad is drinking some sort of drinks to add calories, Hes dating a doctor thats helping him alot. I will find out more information and let you know, Big thing I wanted to say is DONT GIVE UP, it doesnt kill everyone, my dad gave up at first, broke my heart but with the diet hes just great and not hungry, you can eat all day long, good luck everyone, xoxo Donna

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That is great news to hear your Dad is doing so well with his treatment and you are right there are a lot of things we can do to help our body help its self in the fight against this cancer. I am normally on the Head & Neck site but because of problems with my Lungs I lurk over here a lot as well. You will also find a lot of help to a lot of questions you might have so keep posting and litting us know how your Dad is doing.

PS: Welcome to CSN.

Wishing you and Dad all the best

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